Dog Hit by Car While in Labor Gives Birth to Healthy Puppy: 'One Heck of a Miracle'

Xena the Chihuahua also had to have her leg amputated due to injuries from the accident

Xena has lived up to her warrior woman name.

The Chihuahua ended up at Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue in Hermiston, Oregon, after getting hit by a car while in labor.

According to the rescue’s Facebook, the dog was taken to the Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic to have her leg amputated due to injuries from the accident.

Xena also had to have an emergency C-section, because her baby was too large for a natural birth.

On Wednesday, the rescue shared the happy ending to this harrowing tale: the Chihuahua mom survived her operations and so did her healthy baby boy.

“It is so wonderful to see that both are doing amazing! This is one heck of a miracle. This mama is a warrior and so is her baby,” the rescue posted on Facebook. “To have survived being on the streets, run over, in labor with a puppy that was too big to come out and then a c-section and leg amputation while in shock! They are little miracles!”

According to WSET, the duo was later given the heroic names Xena and Marvel.

Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue is asking for donations to help cover the pair’s medical costs. You can call Oregon Trail Vet Clinic at 541-567-1138 to make a donation or you can make a donation through PayPal at