Dog Groomer Goes Viral for Transforming Pets Into Zoo Animals With Fur Art

These pups will have you doing a double take.

An International dog groomer is going viral for his very artistic design skills.

Instead of administering traditional haircuts, Gabriel Feitosa treats his clients' pets like canvases, hand-painting creative patterns and transforming them into exotic animals, TV characters and beyond.

The key to his canine-friendly technique—aside from his imaginative abilities, of course—is using a special nontoxic, vegan dye designed especially for dogs.

While working on the pooches and using his special gift, he made it a point to express he's always sure his subjects are safe and comfortable while receiving their hygienic and aesthetic care service—his top priority.

"The non-toxic dye safely stains the hair, and though creative sessions can take up to an hour longer than the average grooming, dogs are able to sit, lay, and drink water throughout. He also takes time to walk the dog and give them a potty break between their bath and haircut," per Buzzfeed, who spoke directly with the groomer.

The 30-year-old has become an internet sensation, with a TikTok following of over 1 million fans of his unique work.

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The artist was initially drawn to the job after taking his sister's dog to the salon as a kid. "I was 12 years [old] when I took my sister's dog to the grooming shop in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, a city on the outskirts of São Paulo, Brazil," Gabriel told the outlet. "I remember thinking that it was fascinating, what the groomer did for a living, [and] that she got paid to spend the days around puppies."

He continued: "I eventually asked her to teach me to bathe and dry my sister’s dog. It became an after-school job that I enjoyed and needed since I come from a very humble background and my family didn’t have much."

"I was drawn to spending a lot of time around puppies, of course, but also to the immense variety of looks and techniques out there to groom dogs. They look like living sculptures, and it's tough to learn how to groom every breed well. I guess the never-ending challenge of learning something new keeps me motivated," he added of his passion.

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His childhood love fueled his current motivation, which helped drive Gabriel toward his popular designs. "I found a way to channel my personality into commercial designs that any person could have their dog wearing," he said. "The inspiration came from the times that I used to spend with my dad watching animal documentaries on TV. I also find a lot of inspiration from games, movies, and cartoons. ... I think they look fashionable, fun, and nostalgic. The dogs get so much attention and love prancing the streets."

However, having a custom doggy comes at a price! Creative artwork from the San Diego artist starts at $500 per service.

As for how long each dye job lasts, that depends on the breed and type/thickness of their coat. For dogs whose hair or fur grows quickly, Gabriel said the design would usually be trimmed off in three months, while short-coated breeds have been known to keep their fancy looks for up to eight months. Either way, the designs will eventually be chopped off during their regular grooming before it even has a chance to fade away entirely.

Feitosa adorns his furry friends with all kinds of designs—from stripes and spots to fins, custom fun prints, and groovy bright coloring galore. Check out more of his viral transformations below!

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