Dog Goes Viral for Drinking Water in ‘Unique’ Way

Dog Goes Viral for Drinking Water in 'Unique' Way
Dog Goes Viral for Drinking Water in 'Unique' Way
dog drinking water
dog drinking water

Photo by Fernando Trabanco Fotografía via Getty

One dog has gone viral for drinking water in a manner that can only be described as unique.

‘A’ for effort

The dog, who appears to be an Italian Greyhound, thrashes his nose in and out of the bowl as if his goal is not to drink but to spill as much as possible.

In the video, the dog’s owner laughs while another dog — drinking water correctly from a different bowl — gives the thrashing pooch some serious side-eye.

The hilarious lapping of water is made even more funny by the fact that the pup is donning a massive fluffy coat.

The surprising physics behind dogs drinking water

According to a 2015 study, there is a surprising amount of physics that goes into a dog drinking water.

It turns out that the more calmly a dog drinks water, the less liquid makes it into their mouth. When dogs curl their tongue back, water sticks to the front of the tongue. As they pull back up, they snap their jaw shut to capture the water, little by little. While it looks funny, this Italian Greyhound may have found a method to capture more water per lap.

Whatever his intention, he sure is having a good time.

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