Dog Gets Festive for the Holidays by Getting Into Mom’s Makeup Bag

Dora Zett

It may come as a surprise to you, but cats aren't the only ones who engage in mischievous adventures. Dogs can, in fact, be just as bad.

TikToker Alexis Freixa has proof of that, as she shares in her video, posted on October 28, of her dog Milo, who decided to get a little "festive" for the holidays by getting into her makeup bag! Let's see for ourselves what Milo did!

Oh, my! Not the red MAC Cosmetics lipstick.

Milo is in big trouble!

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You can totally tell he's guilty as charged, judging by his facial expression.

Not only is this all over his snout, but it's also on his paws. And if you're a makeup enthusiast, you know that red lipstick stains are tough to get out!

It's hard to say how and why Milo decided to destroy his mom's makeup bag, but some dogs like to eat anything.

Or maybe he wanted to be the Joker this year?

Jokes aside, while the image of a dog with red lipstick smeared all over its fur and snout might seem comical and endearing, it's essential to address this situation with caution and care.

If a dog ingests or comes into contact with lipstick or any makeup, especially in significant amounts, it can potentially lead to health concerns, as lipstick often contains various chemicals and pigments that might not be safe for a dog's consumption or skin. In such cases, it's crucial to act promptly and responsibly and call your vet immediately.

My Pit Bull once got into my trash and devoured my disposable razor, but thank goodness he didn't eat the blade. Still, it was a trip to the emergency vet.

At the vet, I met another Pit Bull owner who told me hers ate through a box of Brillo steel wool!

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