Dog Found Abandoned in Backpack

Dog Found Abandoned in Backpack
Dog Found Abandoned in Backpack

(Picture Credit: Danita Delimont / Getty Images)

Gina Ray was on her way to the store in the city of Killeen in Texas when she spotted a backpack on the sidewalk. When she had a closer look, she found an eight-year-old Dachshund inside. 

“When I got down and opened it, all I seen was something black and I thought it was a little baby. But he popped his little head out at me,” she said to KWTX

“When he fell out, he was all curled up. He couldn’t walk hardly at first, his bones were showing really bad, he was covered in pee and poop. So we took him straight to the vet.”

From Backpack to Forever Home

At the vet, they found that the pup, who they named Road Warrior, was severely malnourished. Not only that, but he’ll need to have his back leg amputated as it’s broken and can’t be repaired. 

“His bones were pretty bad, he’s been hurting for a while. His tail is literally bone, there’s nothing left on his tail,” Gina explained.

She posted about her experience on social media, and said that she wished the person who left the pup would have done the same thing too. “The person that did this, is a horrible person. But with them doing it, they gave him a life,” Ray said.

Currently, Road Warrior is thriving with Gina – he’s finally found his forever home. “Oh he loves it,” she said. “He has his little doggy bed, and of course his little clothes. He’s going outside and pottying, like he’s supposed to. We had a little accident once, but he walks around and he will follow.”

Finding a Dog

What should you do if you find a dog? Of course, it might depend on whether the pup you find clearly has a loving family, or whether it’s a stray or has been abandoned. 

Either way, it’s important that you keep yourself, the dog, and any other pets you might have all safe. So, don’t let the dog interact with your other pets until you get the go-ahead – consider keeping it in a separate area until you’re able to get the dog to a shelter, or to the vet.

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