Dog 'Fights Off Sleep' Like a Human in Video That Has Us in Stitches

The struggle is all too real.

We've all been hit with a case of the sleepies at an inopportune time. Maybe you felt a wave of exhaustion while watching your kid's elementary school play, or maybe staying up late the night before has you dozing off in the middle of a work meeting. One pup knows the feeling, as we see in this hilarious video.

TikTok user @moximoments recently shared a video of a yellow Labrador who is sitting on the couch with his family. In the video, this pup keeps fighting off sleep as he repeatedly dozes off for a few moments. Check out the video to see this funny moment!

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LOL, this is too good. The pup's narrowing eyes and head nodding as he starts to fall asleep has us in stitches. We hope he was able to get some sleep shortly after this video!

People in the comments felt like they related to this dog. @jordancarver35 joked, "Where did you find this footage of me in high school?" and @mnky74 commented, "This is my wife 5 minutes after we spent 30 minutes trying to agree on something to watch." Those sleepy moments will creep up on you out of nowhere!

Others found this very funny and very cute at the same time. @user7241273149957 said, "That is so funny thank you for sharing!" and @mastrziggy commented, "Oh my damn! This is the absolute best thing I have seen all week!" We can't imagine a better video!

This dog was ready to catch some serous Z's. He must have been watching something very important for him to try to hard to stay awake! Once he finally went to bed, this pup definitely slept like a log.

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