Service Dog Falls in Love with Police K9 and People's Hearts Can't Take It

Service dogs are trained to assist individuals with disabilities in various aspects of their daily lives. Police dogs are trained to assist law enforcement agencies in various tasks.

Even though both these two dogs have important jobs to do, that doesn't stop them from being head over heels for each other in an adorable video shared on October 27.

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The TikTok account for @hellacanines posts in the video description, "I can’t believe I’m saying this but my baby girl has a boyfriend! This is their first time in her LIFE that I’ve ever seen her get excited about another dog. K9 Zilla does NOT like all dogs, for that fact that she’s paws over heels about K9 Kylo is all I need. (no puppies were made in the making of this video)"

LOL, we love how these pups practiced good judgement and didn't make any puppies!

TikTok viewers are all about these precious star-crossed lovers and @Moon comments, "Just two doggos with jobs falling in love." @Shannon approves of this match and adds, "Steady income and he can protect you. Good for you honey!" @Katie responds, "Just two workin' pups having a better love life than most of us." @Bwel replies, "A match made in heaven. I would really want to see this as an animated Disney Movie."

We would absolutely go see this adorable movie!

These two pups are just too adorable and how cute is it they live right next door? We anticipate a lot of playdates in their future, that is when they aren't busy hard at work at their jobs!

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