Dog’s Excitement Over Strangers Coming To Visit Is Downright Adorable

How does your dog react to strangers coming to visit? Does it jump and bark like crazy? Sit quietly until you give the command that they can approach your visitor? Does it want to play? Otto is a rescued pup who's never met a stranger and who thinks everybody wants to be his friend. His mom posted an adorable video in mid-March of his reaction to his dad talking to a stranger on the driveway, and his reaction to wanting to go out and make friends with the new guy is just the best.

The video starts out with Otto and his favorite thing in the world - his blue stick, which he has in his mouth. Tail wagging, he runs right past his mom and towards the front door, hoping that mom will open it for him. He waits impatiently for mom to open the door, and when she finally does, he can't wait to say hello!

Wasn't his impatience the best thing you've seen today?! I would love to get that kind of greeting from Otto! Otto's fans got a kick out of the video too. @alienkreeper got more than 26 thousand likes when they stated, "If there is a dog, I am legally obligated to meet said dog." @Ronda Picou pointed out, "He has a toy for them to see!" and @Piper Furiosa added, "The way Otto is about seeing people is the way I am about every dog I meet, so we'd be a perfect match."

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Dogs and Strangers

Dogs can react to meeting guests or strangers in a lot of different ways. Some dogs love meeting new people while others might act anxious or even afraid to meet strangers. But there is hope! You can help your pup get more comfortable with unknown people and things with a little time, patience, and positivity.

Daily walks are so important for dogs. It helps them learn about the world outside of their yard and they'll come into contact with strangers, other animals, and even things that they might not ever see at home. Along with walks, take your pooch anywhere and everywhere that you can. The more that they're exposed to, chances are the more they'll learn how to deal with new people and things.

Desensitization can help - by exposing your dog to things that they are afraid of; they will get used to them and learn how to live with them. Do your research on the different methods out there and talk to your vet for professional advice since they know your dog.

When meeting strangers out and about, make sure you have some treats that your dog loves, and encourage strangers to offer them to your pooch. Always allow your dog to make the first move.

These are just a few different ways that you can get your dog used to meeting new people and things. Some dogs will need professional help (training or medication), so make sure to talk to your vet if you're unable to do it on your own.

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