Dog Escapes Pet Hotel and Finds Way Back Home While Owners Vacation in Vegas

A homesick dog escaped the pet hotel he was staying at and found his way back to his Kansas home while his owners were on vacation back in February.

Jeremy and Sarah Henson, from Lenexa, were enjoying a vacation in Las Vegas when they got a notification via their Ring camera that there was someone at their door.

When they checked it out, they saw their beloved pooch Dexter scratching and whining to be let into the house.

Jeremy can be heard trying to calm Dexter down through the speaker, while they waited for somebody from the dog hotel to come and pick him up.

Speaking to Inside Edition, Jeremy said that Dexter would have had to scale a six-foot fence to escape the facility.

“Obviously, he didn’t understand the fact that we were gone, he just thought that we were home. And he takes his job protecting us very seriously,” he said. Credit: Jeremy Henson via Storyful

Video Transcript





JEREMY HENSON: Hi, Buddy. Good boy. Stay there. Sit. Dexter, sit. Dexter, sit. Sit. Oh, I know, buddy. I'm sorry. What a smart boy, though. Good boy.

Stay. Stay. Dexter. Dexter, come here. Come here. Good boy. Thank you. Good boy. Sit. Good boy. Here come some lights. Good boy.

That's them. Good boy. Good boy. Stay there, buddy. Good boy. Sit. Dexter-- oh, good boy. Good boy. Good boy. Stay there.

- Hi, Dexter.


- Hi, bud.

JEREMY HENSON: OK, thank you.