Dog Who Was Emotionally Attached to a Pumpkin Proudly Shows Off His Patch

Remember Ollie, the chocolate lab who got emotionally attached to a pumpkin last fall? Well, we have an update that's sure to melt your heart.

According to Ollie's owner, in the aftermath of the dog's dedication to the seasonal squash, they decided to plant their own pumpkin patch—and Ollie has already become a protector of the plants.

"Last year my dog got emotionally attached to a pumpkin. So this year we planted him a pumpkin patch. Here's an update," the Instagram account for Ollie shared in a video. "The pumpkins are taking over. He has so many pumpkin babies. He watches them every day."

In the recent upload, Ollie is seen dutifully watching over the growing pumpkins and carrying a watering can on behalf of his owner. He even gives one of the growing pumpkins a sweet sniff.

Ollie's owner further noted, "He doesn't have a favorite yet. Now we just wait for them to get bigger."

In the meantime, the pet parent shared that they "bought him a new hat for spooky season," which is perfectly shaped like a little pumpkin.

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Fans of Ollie couldn't get enough of the heartwarming update, with many leaving gush-worthy remarks in the comments. "Never thought I’d be this excited and emotionally attached for a pumpkin patch update that belongs to a dog I’ve never met," one follower commented, "but here we are."

Another chimed in, "When he watched the pumpkins I cried."

A third weighed in, "Ollie is the best pumpkin daddy."

We can't wait to see if Ollie picks a favorite pumpkin out of the already impressive patch!

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