Dog Dad Shares 5 Things His Adorable Corgi Puppy Can’t Get Enough Of

Rob Hainer/Shutterstock

Everybody loves to watch puppies play and grow because everything they do is so cute. @Echo is an adorable Corgi puppy who loves to explore his new world, and his human shared Echo's favorite things to do in this video posted at the end of October 2023.

The video starts with 3-month-old Echo walking towards the camera to check it out. The puppy is absolutely adorable and has one ear that stays up and one that stays down. The pup's dad starts listing off all of the thing Echo enjoys like chasing his human, bullying his big brother, rolling in the grass, napping in weird positions, and of course snacking. Which was your favorite!?

This is just cuteness overload! I think my favorite was definitely when @Echo napped in weird positions, followed by rolling in the grass. But who can pass up a puppy enjoying a snack? I think all dogs enjoy chasing their humans, and most siblings can't resist annoying their siblings. Talk about an adorable pup!

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Is a Corgi the right pet for your family? Corgis are super cute, very vocal and busy dogs. They're extremely intelligent, and since they are herding dogs, they usually can live easily with other dogs and even cats. They are high energy dogs that love to run and chase. If you don't have a big yard or the energy to keep up with them yourself, you might want to consider another dog. But if you like a little dog with a big attitude, then a Corgi might be the right dog for you!

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