Dog Dad Gives His Pup a Dinosaur Mask and the Aftermath Is Epic

It's always fun to dress our dogs up, whether that be a new sweater or a collar or even a cute bandana. Don't even get me started on how ridiculously adorable dogs look in Halloween costumes. Well, one dog dad bought something cute and fun for his own dog to try on, and he probably wasn't expecting his little pup to have his entire personality change just by wearing it.

Just wait until you see this sweet little dog, that appears to be a Boston Terrier or maybe a French Bulldog, turn into a full blown ferocious dinosaur.

The TikTok video, posted by @originalChrisMartin, has everyone in love with this little dino. Even the Official Jurassic World TikTok account commented, "Such a natural."

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Another person added, "Funny that he likes the mask that he doesn't mind something over his face. He acts like It's an extension of himself that it's so wild." Someone else replied, "No CGI for the next Jurassic World movie. They’re just going to cast this little guy."

His owner posted another video of this pup in full on dinosaur mode.

Someone hilariously commented, "Get a Velociraptor they said it will be fun they said.."

The best part about this entire situation? The video creator shared the link where you can buy your very own dinosaur mask! The other best part? It's even on sale right now!

Costume Safety Tips For Pets

First off, you should never leave your pet alone while they are wearing a costume. They could get caught on something, be unable to move, and end up having an accident on the floor, or worse, injuring themselves. Even though the above videos are cute, you really shouldn't put a mask on your pet because it can limit their ability to see and hear, which could cause your pet distress. At the very least, limit the amount of time they wear a mask.

Make sure that the costume fits correctly and has no loose ties or strings that strangle your pet.

If your pet seems uncomfortable wearing a costume, never force them. Make sure you watch them  for signs of distress, such as excessive panting, pacing, or trying to remove the costume.

Make sure your pet is able to eat, drink, walk and relieve themselves while wearing the costume. You also want to make sure that the costume isn't too hot for your fur baby so they don't become overheated.

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