Dog or Coyote? Toast the Rescue Pup's Identity Remains a Mystery—But Not For Much Longer

an animal services officer holds tan puppy with big ears
an animal services officer holds tan puppy with big ears

Dallas Animal Services

While confirmed to be 100 percent adorable—this pup's species is currently a mystery.

The Dallas Police Department officers rescued the pup after they found her next to a dumpster, WFAA reported. Dallas Animal Services arrived and took in the pup. Officials noticed the dog had similar features to a coyote pup—but they aren't completely sure whether the pup is a coyote or a domestic dog.

Dallas Animal Services Officer Jacqui Sutherland is fostering the tiny tan puppy, who's now appropriately named Toast, WFAA reported. Sutherland is pretty convinced Toast is not a coyote, telling the news station "my money is on domestic" and guessing Toast could be an Australian cattle dog mix.

Currently, Dallas Animal Services are conducting a DNA test on the puppy to determine if Sutherland's prediction is correct and Toast is in fact a domestic dog. The news station reports the DNA test is expected to take 10–14 days, and once the results are back, Dallas Animal Services will decide the next steps for the mystery pup.

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As for evidence, Sutherland tells the news station that she heard coyotes in the distance—but Toast couldn't seem to care less.

"She put her ears up and kind of cocked her head a little bit and I looked at her and was like 'What you got? Anything? Anything?' And she was like 'Nah, I got nothing,'" Sutherland told WFAA.

Dallas Animal Services wants everyone to remember that coyotes are not pets and should only be handled by trained wildlife professionals. Protective gear such as coyote vests can help keep your smaller furry pals safe from predators.