Dog Chasing Squirrel Rescued From Top of Tree in Idaho

Dog Chasing Squirrel Rescued From Top of Tree in Idaho
Dog Chasing Squirrel Rescued From Top of Tree in Idaho
dog chasing squirrel
dog chasing squirrel

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You’ve heard of cats getting stuck in trees and needing to be rescued by firefighters, but what about dogs? One mischievous mutt pursuing a squirrel made his way to the top of a tall tree and had to be rescued by first responders in Idaho recently.

Dog Chasing Squirrel Goes Too Far

The dog’s name is Izzy, and he’s a Pit Bull-Husky mix. On the fateful morning he got stuck in a tree, he pursued a bushy-tailed pest…all the way to the top of a tree…where he got stuck.

Someone alerted the authorities, and Caldwell firefighters and police responded. Firefighters climbed a ladder to reach the branch on which Izzy was stuck. The pup required “much coaxing” according to the fire department’s Facebook post documenting the ordeal.

They included photos of the dog, with the jokey caption: “Well, definitely not a cat in a tree. Perhaps, he will not be so persistent, next time, in chasing squirrels.”

The firefighters brought the canine down to the ground, and he was rewarded with a bowl of food.

Unfortunately, Izzy did not learn his lesson. His dog mom, Christina Danner, commented later on the post that though Izzy was “never even close” to nabbing the squirrel, he could still be found “pacing” in search of it.

“He’s been whining all morning trying to get out and get that squirrel,” she wrote.

Everyone Loves Izzy

Izzy may not have achieved his dream of catching the squirrel, but the internet sure did get a kick out of his escapades.

“My dog can’t climb the stairs and this dog climbs trees,” one commenter scoffed.

“I WANT THIS DUDE ON MY TEAM!!! Love the commitment,” another cheered.

“Well I did know some dogs like to climb but that dog was way out on a limb,” a third joked.

Others shared similar experiences.

“We have a Mountain Cur that has just started climbing an apple tree in the yard,” one commenter wrote. “Not nearly that high though! They are a breed that trees squirrels and not uncommon to climb. Glad this guy got some help getting down!”

“I have 2 standard poodles that climb trees to catch squirls [sic]. They clear my 6ft fence and climb my apple tree too. Once the Nampa FD came and took them off the roof of the house,” another commented.

We’re all for dogs reaching new heights…metaphorically speaking.

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