Dog Brings His 'Emotional Support Blanket' Everywhere and We Can't Get Enough

Barnabas Davoti/Pexels

When a Golden Retriever was given a blanket by his parents, he thought it was the most special thing. It was actually a blanket that belonged to his new baby sibling, and they wanted to give it to him to get him used to the baby’s scent.

The dog instantly became obsessed with the blanket, carrying it everywhere he goes. He snuggled up with it one day at doggie daycare, and the rest is history.

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The dog seems emotionally supported by the blanket, and it’s so sweet that it belongs to his baby sibling. We’re sure he’ll hold onto it for a very long time!

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Sometimes, dogs just find some comfort in a small item like a toy or a blanket. The soft fuzziness of the fabric is soothing to them. Sometimes, dogs will even put the object in their mouth and nuzzle it, a sign that they are comfortable and relaxed.

This dog is bound to develop a special bond with his baby sibling. The way he greets her in the TikTok video is so gentle and sweet.

Three weeks after the Golden Retriever was given the blanket, he was still carrying it around and sleeping with it. It’s clear he formed a special attachment to the blanket, and it’s so adorable!

Giving a dog an item of clothing or blanket with someone’s scent on it is an easy way to get them acclimated to the person. But once they become close, it becomes a comfort item because it smells just like the person. This pup is probably not going to have any problems getting used to his baby sister, but still, it was a great idea on the pet parents’ part!

This pup is going to be just the sweetest sibling to his sister as she grows up. And hopefully, they can share the blanket together in the near future!

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