Keep your dog comfortable with the best dog bed

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A bed for your pets
A bed for your pets

Want to ensure your dog gets as restful a night of sleep as you do? Consider investing in a premium, long-lasting dog bed to instantly improve your fur baby's quality of sleep. Dog beds come in numerous styles, designs, shapes, and sizes — however, to be sure you pick the perfect bed for your pup, pay close attention to all of these features.

We know choosing the right bed for your dog can be a bit confusing, so we have reviewed the highest-rated dog beds in 2022 and created a buying guide to help you through the process.

Top Picks

Best for older dogs: Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed

A  comfortable and durable dog bed
A comfortable and durable dog bed

If you’re looking for a dog bed that is comfortable and durable, then you might want to get your hands on this option.

The unique L-shaped corner sofa design provides your dog with enough space to roll around on and a supportive elevated surface to rest its head.

The base cushion is made from an orthopedic egg crate foam that promotes joint health and enhances blood circulation by supporting your pup's pressure points. The soft, plush faux fur of the mattress and suede leather in the bolsters creates additional support and snuggling quality that your dog will love. What’s more, this highly-rated bed is available in multiple colors, so you can easily pick the one that suits your dog best!

Best for small dogs: MidWest Bolster Pet Bed

A stand-alone dog bed
A stand-alone dog bed

Next up, is a great option for smaller dogs. It works ideally as a stand-alone pet bed or fits perfectly inside an 18-inch-long dog crate to make it your dog’s new favorite place to relax.

The padded polyester bolster cushion and soft synthetic top make this product super comfortable for your dog to rest on. The bed’s versatile design is completely machine washable and is available in a variety of color options as well.

Best for all dog sizes: Bedsure Dog Bed

A versatile design dog bed
A versatile design dog bed

Featuring a versatile design, this bed is a first-rate choice if you are looking for an option suitable for both small and large dog breeds.

The 3-inch high, top-of-the-line orthopedic egg crate foam mattress insert distributes your dog’s weight evenly and relieves pressure on their joints, ensuring maximum support and comfort.

For additional comfort and coziness, the zippered bed cover is fashioned with a plush Sherpa top, durable oxford fabric on the sides and bottom, and is machine washable for long-lasting use. Luxurious and durable, you’ll be able to pamper your pup with this best-selling product that delivers optimal support, comfort, and convenience.

Most comfortable: Amazon Basics Dog Bed

A ultra-soft swirl design dog bed
A ultra-soft swirl design dog bed

The Amazon Basics Dog Bed is an optimal choice for smaller-sized dogs, featuring an ultra-soft swirl design.

It arrives in a compressed vacuum package and is machine washable, making it very easy to set up and maintain. It features a neutral tone and basic design that goes along well with any home interior.

The exterior comes with a stitched-tufted cushiony design that further enhances comfortability and relaxation. Because of the plush material, however, it’s not recommended for dogs who are aggressive chewers.

Most stylish: Best Friends by Sheri Dog Bed

A high-quality, donut-shaped, cuddler design dog bed
A high-quality, donut-shaped, cuddler design dog bed

Last but not least, this option comes in a high-quality, donut-shaped, cuddler design that is a suitable choice for dogs that love to curl up while sleeping.

It features a raised rim to provide joint support and a sense of security for your dog and a soft filling to help keep them relaxed.

The vegan shag fur finish provides a flexible and cozy finish that increases relaxation, while still being safe for your dog’s health. What’s better, it’s available in multiple colors, allowing you to choose the one that fits your and your pup’s style best. The dirt- and water-resistant bottom allows for easy maintenance, making this option a win for both you and your dog.

How to find a high-quality dog bed: A buyer’s guide

Some important factors to remember when choosing the perfect dog bed for your pet include:

Padding thickness

Padding thickness is important because it affects how comfortable your dog feels when lying down. Generally, the more padding, the more comfortable the bed will be.

Choosing a bed that does not feature any padding can lead to health issues such as joint pain, skin damage, and more. Therefore, it should have proper cushioning to keep your dog’s bones and joints supported and healthy. Ideally, the thickness of the mattress padding should be two inches or more for the most beneficial support.

Padding material

Padding materials differ in terms of effectiveness, so you should consider the type of padding material used as well as the thickness. Memory foam is a more luxurious material that supports joint health. Cheaper materials, however, do more harm than benefit to the overall quality and comfort of a bed and may impact your dog's health as well.

One way to check whether the padding material is supportive enough is to pinch the mattress from top and bottom. If your fingers touch, then the padding material will not support the weight of your dog.

Temperature regulation

Many dog beds come with temperature regulation, which ensures that the bed stays warm in the colder seasons and cool in the warmer seasons. Temperature-regulated beds keep your dog comfortable by regulating their body temperature and can help protect your dog from illness.

If the options you’re looking at do not feature temperature regulation, choose one for the winter and one for the summer. For summer, look for a bed made from breathable and light material, whereas, for winters, look for a thicker, cozy bed.

Ease of wash

Some beds can be difficult and time-consuming to clean. The ease of washing ultimately depends on the type of material it is, so look for one that can be washed easily or that features a removable cover.

They can also differ in terms of hand wash and machine wash friendliness. When machine drying your dog’s bed, make sure the heat is set to low to prevent possible damage to the fabric. Typically, it is more convenient to machine wash than hand wash, so remember to keep that in mind during your search.

The Quality of the mattress

Regardless of the age and size of your dog, you should pick a product that comes with high-quality cushioning, as it not only keeps your dog comfortable but also provides better insulation and orthopedic properties.

Keep in mind, however, that high-quality mattresses typically cost more than the average and low-quality ones. But because the quality of a mattress can affect the overall physical health of your dog, it would be beneficial to spend a little more money in this area. Also, cheap quality mattresses have a shorter lifespan, which is why high-quality mattresses are a great long-term investment for your dog’s well-being.


A dog bed designed for a husky is going to be much different than one for a pug, so the size of the bed should be chosen according to the age, breed, and weight of your dog. Large-sized dogs require larger beds to stretch out on, whereas smaller dogs sleep more comfortably on small cuddle beds.

Though most large dogs curl up and sleep in a limited space, it is still wise to choose one big enough for them to stretch, toss, and turn with ease for the best quality of sleep. Measure from the tip of your dog's nose to the base of their tail to ensure the right size for your pup, and now you know the minimum required length.


The age of your dog is a significant factor when choosing the right bed. As dogs age, they often develop health conditions such as joint pain and arthritis. One great way to avoid such complications is to pick an orthopedic bed for your dog, especially for senior dogs.

Likewise, if you’re searching for a bed for a puppy, you should choose a waterproof option, so you don’t need to clean it every other day in case of accidents.


The price can differ based on quality and the kind of features it comes equipped with. Typically, one made with high-quality materials costs more than one made of lower quality.

The price should not be the sole determinant of the one you decide to buy, though. Instead, look for a high-quality product that will last you for years at a reasonable price.

People also asked

Q: Should you choose a thick bed for your dog?

A: It is not as important to choose the thickest bed possible for your dog as it is to choose one that is properly cushioned. Improper cushioning can lead to several physical health problems for your dog, so it is advised that you look for a firm, supportive, and comfortable bed.

Q: How long do dog beds usually last?

A: This entirely depends on the usage frequency and quality of care. Usually, they last for 8-12 months before you have to replace them, but high-quality dog beds can also last for more than one year if you maintain them properly

Q: Do dogs prefer soft beds?

A: Since very soft beds don’t provide adequate support, it is better to look for one that is both comfortable and supportive. It is wise to utilize a bed with orthopedic properties to ensure that your dog’s joints and bones are adequately supported and to prevent irreversible joint damage.