If Your Dog's Food Has Any Of These 3 Ingredients, It's Silently Making Your Dog Sick

3 Worst Things To Feed Your Dog And The Best Dog Food To Keep Them Healthy
3 Worst Things To Feed Your Dog And The Best Dog Food To Keep Them Healthy

Here’s your scary fact for the day: according to famed veterinarian Dr. Marty Goldstein, 1 out of every 1.61 dogs get cancer.

As a dog lover, that’s a heartbreaking statistic. It’s awful to think about your dog falling ill and suffering silently — but what if I told you there’s a pretty easy way you can prevent it?

It seems like every day there’s a breaking news story warning us that this and that kind of food causes cancer. We know that eating lots of junk food increases our risk of getting sick and are told to steer clear of things like artificial coloring and preservatives as much as we can.

Unfortunately for our pets, there is little regulation of the food they eat. As Dr. Marty explains in this video revealing what dogs really need in their diet, “even foods that claim to be ‘healthy,’ ‘organic,’ and ‘natural’” most of the time aren’t the best dog food for your furry loved one.

For example, you may have heard of Blue Buffalo dog food and maybe even feed it to your dog. Blue Buffalo touts itself as “natural” and “healthy” — however, in 2017, a dog owner filed a class action lawsuit that settled this year against the brand, claiming its food contained “significant levels of lead,” which of course isn’t the least bit natural or healthy for animals.

Blue Buffalo isn’t the only dog food brand guilty of this. And while most brands probably don’t have a malicious intent when adding certain ingredients to their foods, the outcome is the same: lethargic, unhappy, sick dogs.

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Luckily, there’s a new brand of dog food on the market that’s not only healthy for your dog but can actually reverse the negative effects those grocery store brands have on your dog’s health.

This new dog food is the result of many years of research by Dr. Marty, a practicing veterinarian of 45 years whose specialty is helping critically ill pets make a full recovery. Of course, your dog doesn’t need to be critically ill to reap the benefits of Dr. Marty’s science.

“I’ve treated the dogs of Martha Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, John Travolta and Kelly Preston,” Dr. Marty said. Even “the “dog whisperer” Cesar Milan has gone to him for pet food advice, as well as Oprah Winfrey, who said that with Dr. Marty's help, Oprah's dog Sophie did her "little Sophie dance" for the first time in two years after only a week of Dr. Marty's intervention (find out more about the changes he implemented in Sophie's life to make such a drastic change here).

Dr. Marty’s discoveries in pet health started thanks to his own health issues that he began struggling with in his twenties. While in school, he explained that he discovered a book on macrobiotic diets, or diets that avoid refined foods and animal products. Once he started following its advice, his pain disappeared within a week and he lost weight.

It was also the beginning of his veterinary career. Dr. Marty explained that he happened to be treating an older dog at the time that was in poor health and just coming out of a coma. He applied the diet advice he learned for his own health to the dog’s food. The dog quickly began “detoxing from the nasty chemicals” leaving his body — which were so bad he gave everyone who touched him a rash! — and he eventually grew a brand new coat of fur and healed.

Since then, Dr. Marty’s advice to dog owners has been to feed their dogs “real food that is predominantly meat” — especially raw food, since that’s what dogs eat in the wild. According to Dr. Marty, the best dog food is that which you’ve prepared yourself, once you’ve vetted the ingredients.

Of course, not everyone has the time to go shopping for food let alone preparing your own dog food every time your dog needs to eat. As much as you might love your dog, it’s just not realistic.

In an attempt to make things easier for dog owners, Dr. Marty has spent the last 15 years researching what pre-made foods would be good for dogs and found that you could freeze-dry high-quality raw foods in a process that's “nearly equivalent to preparing your own raw food for your dog.” He created a recipe that met his standards and, after being turned down by many dog food brands, brought it to an independent pet food manufacturing company run by a veterinarian and holistic pet food specialist.

All of that research and development has led to the release of Dr. Marty’s Premium Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food, which is literally flying off the shelves. Its formula mimics what your dog would eat in the wild and promises the best, healthiest ingredients for your pup.

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What makes Dr. Marty’s dog food the best? It includes the three nutrients proven to increase your dog’s lifespan and are critical to your dog’s digestion (which you can learn more about here). “Many people tell me when they start to give their dogs just these three things, skin problems begin to clear up, coats become shiny and thick, bathroom habits become more regular, and your dog has noticeably more energy, better health markers, and a calmer but happier personality,” explained Dr. Marty.

Best of all, there’s no trace of those “premature pet killers” that lead to health issues like depression, joint pain, cancer and more — which your typical dog food brands, unfortunately, do incorporate in their recipes.

So what are the ingredients you should steer clear of, and what should you feed your dog instead?

1. Preservatives

The same way manufacturers put preservatives in our food to help keep things fresh longer, they’re put in dog foods to prevent the food from going bad while they sit on the shelves at the store. Preservatives act like “an invisible chemical casing” around the kibbles, according to Dr. Marty, which means your dog is eating a chemical that shouldn’t be in its body. This makes it harder for your dog to digest the food and ends up preventing them from actually getting any nutrients from the food they eat. What’s worse is they’re toxic and carcinogenic, making it more likely that your dog will get cancer.

2. Fillers

According to Dr. Marty, fillers are “anything the food companies put into your dog’s food that doesn’t do good for your dog.” Avoid grains like barley, oatmeal, white rice, corn, wheat, soy, which companies use because they’re cheaper than meats.

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3. Meat byproducts

Sometimes labeled “byproduct meal,” if your dog’s food label has any version of this word it really just means “slaughterhouse waste.” While that might contain the organ meat your dog needs, it could also include the unhealthy (and rather unsavory) things like feet, beaks, brains, tumors, and “intestines with the best effort to remove feces.” Also, roadkill, dead zoo animals, dead livestock, and even euthanized pets who still have the killing poison in their bodies.

No thanks.

That’s a lot to take in, and a little intimidating to think about. Even if you had the time to read the labels on every single dog food in the pet aisle at the grocery store, the truth is none of them contain the three major ingredients your dog needs (which Dr. Marty goes into more detail about here) and too many include exactly what your dog doesn’t need.

Luckily, Dr. Marty’s Premium Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food is available and the best choice for your furry friend. It contains 72 percent human-grade raw meats and maximum nutrient and Omega-3 fat content and 28 percent veggies and fruits that are the most effective for a long life for your dog. It’s the only pet food on the market that meets Dr. Marty’s strict nutrition standards.

Unfortunately, the food can’t be made in large quantity and isn’t as low priced as your typical grocery store dog food because it comes from an independent manufacturer. It would cost more than $100 a bag if it was sold in grocery stores and several hundred dollars a month in ingredients if you tried to recreate the recipe yourself at home.

But don’t give up hope! You can order it directly from Dr. Marty’s website. A one pound bag is $44.95, but new customers can now get it cheaper when you order it in a 3 or 6 pack, and even cheaper for a 12-pack.

Better yet, there’s a subscription program so you can get it delivered to your house once a month which makes your life a heck of a lot easier.

You’ve probably heard the quote, “your dog might only be part of your life, but for your dog, you are his whole life.” Make sure your dog gets the chance to live his best life with the right food and nutrition to thrive.

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