Dog accidentally eats woman's engagement ring during photoshoot gone awry

On Oct. 12, Reddit user DanyHeatley50in07 uploaded a video of her attempt to take pictures of her ring to the r/WhatCouldGoWrong subreddit. In the video, DanyHeatley50in07 places her engagement ring on her dog’s nose and tells them to stay so she can snap a photo. However, before she can successfully capture the moment, her dog mistakes the ring for a treat and swallows the ring whole. Many Reddit users chastised DanyHeatley50in07 for putting her precious ring on her dog’s nose in the first place. “How stupid can you get,” one person asked. “This actually got my blood boiling why tf would you put on the snoot as If it was a treat … dumb***,” another added. “This lady deserved that,” a third said. “You don’t put inedible objects on a dog’s snout like it’s a treat”. Others were concerned for the dog’s wellbeing. “Poor dog,” one person said. “People like this should not have pets,” another added