Doesn't It Look Like Vanessa Hudgens Painted Her Nails With Melted Pennies?

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There are a few celebrities who are really doing their part to keep the craft of nail art alive and thriving, and Vanessa Hudgens is leading the way. While other celebrities have been toning down their nails, the multi-hyphenate has continued to be a manicure maximalist. Most recently, she had a romantically lettered bachelorette party mani, which was preceded by a spooky Halloween-inspired design. But while Hudgens's new manicure may be pretty bold for most people, it's actually pretty subtle compared to her other nail looks.

On Monday, November, 13, both Hudgens and her go-to nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt, shared a reels of the singer, actor, and entrepreneur's new nails. Perhaps other folks have already moved on to holiday nails, but this manicure's copper color shows that Hudgens is still very much in fall mode.

But this isn't just any old copper polish. Ganzorigt coated Hudgens's extra-long, somewhat pointy nails in the most gorgeous chrome-finish copper. If we didn't know better, we'd think that they melted down a bunch of shiny pennies and used that instead of nail polish.

In the background of the video Hudgens's adorable dog, Darla, understandably looks admiringly. We're doing the same thing from here.

Hudgens hasn't announced a wedding date for her and her fiancé, Cole Tucker, but from the looks of her sweatshirt, we feel pretty confident that these aren't her bridal nails. That said, a lucky-penny manicure does seem like an appropriate choice for such an important day.

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