Does winning the SAG Award give you a better chance at an Oscar?

Patrick Gomez
·2 min read

After an extended Awards Season thanks to this damn pandemic, we are finally approaching the finish line, with the Academy Awards coming up on April 24. Because of the extra time between each awards show this year, there’s more chance than ever that nominations and victories at other ceremonies could impact who will be walking away with—or being mailed—an Oscar in a couple of weeks. As we approach the final Academy Awards voting window (April 15-20), The A.V. Club’s senior writer Katie Rife and editor-in-chief Patrick Gomez took time on our Push The Envelope podcast to discuss how the recent SAG Awards could impact the Oscars race.

You can hear the entire conversation in the episode above—including an interview with six-time Academy Award nominee Alexandra Byrne, who is currently nominated for her work as the costume designer on Emma.—or read some excerpts down below.

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Katie Rife: There’s a big overlap between the people who vote for the SAG Awards and the people who vote for the Oscars acting categories, because, you know, with the Oscars, you vote in your area [of expertise.] If you’re an actor, you vote for the acting awards, then everybody vote for Best Picture. And so, I would think that yeah—especially if someone wins a Golden Globe and a SAG. Like, I would like, I would put my money on Daniel Kaluuya for winning the supporting actor Oscar because he won both of those awards.

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Patrick Gomez: That’s what makes me excited about Yuh-Jung Youn’s win [at the SAG Awards]. Does that elevate her into a little bit more of a front-runner category?...

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