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a beige lovesac sactional in cat bowen's apartment
I Tried It: The Lovesac SactionalCat Bowen

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There are a lot of cool things out there that make us wonder — do they really work? In our I Tried It series, we set out to use them in the real world and have determined that, in fact, they really do.
Editor's note: The Lovesac Sactional with StealthTech is currently 25% off for Black Friday.

The Product on Trial

The Lovesac Sactional With StealthTech Surround Sound

The Tester

Cat Bowen, parenting editor, mom, and huge nerd.

The Brief

When I was first approached to test the Lovesac Sactional with StealthTech surround sound, I’ll admit, I was kind of dubious. I mean, how on Earth could a sofa have surround sound? What would that even be like? And would the sofa be less comfortable because of it?

I am no stranger to buying sofas or surround sound. I love to redecorate, so I’ve bought several sofas in the recent past. I have fairly good knowledge of sound systems because my family is full of nerds, and since my husband needs to experience movies in a visceral way, so we’ve always had surround sound. I’m hard of hearing (and, depending on some conditions, profoundly deaf), so although I personally can’t enjoy the benefits of it overmuch, I like the joy it gives my family. I was intrigued about how the Lovesac Sactional with StealthTech would hold up to my family’s high expectations for style, comfort, and sound — but it turns out they were the perfect testers for the product at hand.

The Sactional

The sofa itself is a dynamic, modular sofa that you purchase by the section (seats and end pieces/backs). You can make it as big as you'd like or as small as a chaise lounge. I have six pieces and eight sides, and right now, it's set up in a C shape in my living room. The cushions come in either a foam-filled or cushy down blend, the 200-plus fabric options are made of 100% recycled materials, and the frame is a combination of hardwood, steel springs, and multiple-density fiberboard (MDF). There are two arm styles to choose from — rectangular or rolled arm — and the feet are about an inch and a half tall and made of solid wood.

The StealthTech surround sound and charging stations can be put in any of the sides, which transforms them into speakers with a wireless charging port on the top of the side. Additionally, we have a charging station with USB and USB-C ports in one of the sides of our sofa, where we have charging cords installed. The only caveat is that you need to have a power source nearby the sofa to power it, which can be logistically challenging for some homes.

The prices start at about $3,000 for your standard three-seat sofa, and the sky is the limit. My configuration with StealthTech is almost $10,000 (yes, you read that right, but more on that later). The hard parts of the sofa i.e. the frame and feet have a lifetime warranty, and the soft parts —covers and cushions — have a 3-year warranty. The founder and CEO of Lovesac, Shawn Nelson, tells Best Products that no matter what upgrades they make to the sofa, they will always be backwards-compatible, meaning the technology in your Lovesac couch will forever be upgradeable. For example, if you already own a Sactional, all you need to buy is the StealthTech upgrade to get the surround sound, and it will fit in your model.

Depending on the fabric you choose, the sofa will arrive between 2 and 6 weeks from the day you order. Rather impressively, the sofa arrived in just 7 business days. The delivery is free, and it's standard FedEx delivery. They drop the boxes at your front door, and you're on your own from there. I was there when my boxes arrived, and I did tip the driver because, holy hell, it was a lot of very heavy boxes.

the pile of boxes that the lovesac sactional arrived in inside of cat bowen's home
Cat Bowen

Each box contains one element of the sofa, either the side, the base, the cushion, the tech, or the covers. Putting it together is a process, and I'll be honest with you — it's not a short one. Before you begin, you should check out this page that shows all the different configurations that you can do based on how many chairs and sides you have purchased. The pieces connect via the feet — which resemble wooden cupholders — and U-shaped steel brackets that affix the pieces to one another. The seats stay on the base thanks to Velcro, but the pillows are moveable.

lovesac configurations

It took my husband and me 5 hours to put the entire Sactional together and another hour to figure out the surround sound. Thanks to an unhealthy amount of Ikea shopping in our lives, our marriage can withstand any flat-pack build, though we both used the F word more than 10 times each. It wasn't because it was unclear what to do or how to do it, but simply because some pieces were just plain difficult. The hardest part of the installation wasn't the tech — that was very straightforward, and the instructions were easy to follow. No, the hardest part of the build was getting the covers over the frames and pillows, with the seat cushions being the absolute most frustrating part of the installation. Imagine trying to shove a shoe on your foot that's two sizes too small—that's what it's like to put the seat cushion in the cover.

black cat sitting on the lovesac sactional in cat bowen's living room
Cat Bowen

Those covers are coveted and a huge draw for the sofa because they are machine-washable. Incidentally, I recently learned what it was like to launder the covers, and I likely will again soon because I chose a light color — and because I have children and ketchup happens. But hey, with a little Persil magic and some prayer, the ketchup came off, and I wrestled that cover back on the cushion.

The StealthTech Surround and Charge

The surround sound pieces slide right into the sides, as do the charging stations. It also comes with a soundbar that acts as a sort of hub and can be placed on a table below the television or mounted to the wall. Ours sits on our bookshelf below the TV, and we've had no issues with it. The surround sound can be operated through either the remote or via their app (Android and Apple).

Our StealthTech system is on either end and in the middle piece of the back of our sofa. Threading the cord in the right place and making sure you bolted everything in the right direction is honestly the hardest part of the installation process.

My Thoughts

The Sactional

I will begin by saying that this is the most comfortable sofa I've ever owned. Most of the time, we slide one of the ottomans to the far side, making it the equivalent of a double bed at the end of the sofa. My husband and I sit over there, sometimes with a child between us, and snuggle up under our Big Blanket. It's cozy and very comforting after a long day of work. The fabric is buttery-soft, even after being laundered. Although hindsight is what it is, I would've chosen a darker color, and I'm actually going to buy a set of covers in forest green if I can convince my husband that he wants to do the covers all over again.

close up of the lovesac in cat bowens living room
Cat Bowen

The biggest thing I’ve been asked by friends and family, and that I’ve personally thought about, is, “Is it worth the price?” And here are my thoughts on that: My last sofa was $2,500, and once it reached the 7-year mark, we were looking for replacements. We looked at Joybird, Article, and everything pretty much everything available on the internet. We went to Pottery Barn, Z-Gallerie, Crate & Barrel, and Restoration Hardware.

If we bought a sofa from any of those retailers for a similar model to this one, it would be at least $5,000, but probably more. The famous “Cloud Sofa” from Restoration Hardware is even more expensive than the Lovesac, but their delivery is white-glove, and everything is done for you. But it costs between $200 and $600, and that’s for a sofa that’s already several hundred dollars more than the Lovesac Sactional with StealthTech. The Lovesac, on the other hand, has a lifetime guarantee, it's easy to clean and insanely comfortable — plus, the speakers are just cool. The other sofas we considered have nothing like that going for them, making the Lovesac Sactional a unique option that others just don't compare to.

lovesac sactional with pillows and throws on it
Cat Bowen

When I spoke with Shawn Nelson, the founder, I told him that my biggest concern was the cost and installation. He told me that while they are indeed considering white-glove service in the future, they already offered the service pre-Covid, and it just simply wasn't a popular option. They're also looking at ways they can send the sofa parts with the covers already on. He also stressed the value of the backwards compatibility of all of the upgrades that roll out. One of the upgrades they're currently considering is taller feet, and being a tall lady with a tall family, I think that would be aces — and I would get those in a minute.

The frame is going to last as long as you need it to, but if you get bored with it, you can change the configuration, arm style, or fabric for less cost than buying another sofa. Having already considered this, I'm inclined to agree with him.

The StealthTech Surround and Charge

I didn’t think I’d give a rot about the surround sound other than being excited over my kids being excited about it. As I mentioned earlier, my hearing is poor most of the time, and sometimes, it’s practically non-existent. But I was wrong — and here’s why. The fact that the sound is in the sofa means that you don’t just hear it, you feel it. Even on days when I’m totally without anything but the sound of my own breath, I can feel the bass of the music, footsteps, thunder, and more. That turned out to be an incredibly emotional thing for me that I didn’t know I was missing. Movies and television shows become more than pictures and words, and I can’t tell you how that feels.

My husband and kids, on the other hand, think that the StealthTech is "frickin cool." They tell me how they can hear small things they never noticed, like birds in Jurassic Park and magma bubbling in Lord of the Rings. My son thinks that the way it rumbles when he plays games on Apple Arcade makes it "extra." (His Xbox is in his room because I value my sanity.) We did have a few glitches, but with a quick call to tech support, it was all cleared up in a matter of minutes.

Other than the sound, I love having wireless chargers in the arms of my sofa and charging cords nearer the center. Our family has a gazillion devices, and having the ability to plop my phone on my couch? Wonderful. It's a 10/10 feature that every sofa should have.

Closing Argument

The Lovesac Sactional with StealthTech is a comfortable sofa with nearly limitless options of combinations. The sound is spectacular, and the charging is brilliant. It is a spend, there’s no doubt about that. In both price and time, it’s expensive, and it’s an investment. Because of the delivery method, if you are disabled or can’t lift heavy objects, you’ll need to either hire someone or bribe someone in your family to get it into your space and set it up, and that’s an additional cost in its own right.

If you afford it, you won't regret it. It's not going to end up like the $2,000 rowing machine that becomes a second closet. (I'm looking at me on this one.) It's so useful and so comfortable — plus, the style is neutral enough that it will always be considered a classic shape. I'm sitting on it right now as I'm writing this review, and I may or may not have The Hobbit on in the background. (Thorin Oakenshield is about to die, and it is making me feel things. I need the comfort from my couch.)

And the size is valuable on its own. I hosted Rosh Hashanah this year, and my family loved my sofa even more than the roast I made (which I will hold against them forever). We all had a place to sit, we were all comfortable, and it was really great to have. I haven't owned it for long, but I already know that I'm never getting rid of this sofa. When I'm ready for change and want to switch things up, I look forward to simply just having to change the fabrics and buy more pillows at Home Goods for a nice — and cost-effective — refresh. I'll also just buy more pillows to buy more pillows (can't stop, won't stop), and now I have an even bigger canvas to cover.

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