What does ‘S/U’ mean? It’s a popular command for your followers

Internet slang seems to evolve at the speed of light these days. So you may be seeing the acronym “S/U” pop up in social media posts more often. Here’s what you need to know about the shorthand for a popular digital command.

What does S/U mean?

S/U means “swipe up” on social media. Whether on Snapchat or an Instagram Story, adding “S/U” lets users know there’s more content, usually a link, to engage with if they “swipe up” on the screen.

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Alternative definitions of S/U

Cyber Definitions states S/U can also mean “shut up,” while the Word Counter says it can also mean “straight up” (as in, to be honest).

A brief history of “swipe” as we know it today

“Swipe in the sense of passing a finger across a touch screen has only been around for the last five years or so, there being no real evidence of it prior to Apple’s launch of the iPad in 2010,” MacMillan Dictionary stated in a 2016 editorial.

First used in the early 1800s, “swipe” initially meant the physical motion of a “swinging blow.” In the mid-1800s, it became associated with theft. Then, with the proliferation of credit cards in the 1990s, it became synonymous with card-readers and ATMs.

MacMillan explained that shifting connotations is common in word formation, although it’s “proving particularly popular in the digital era.”

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