What does it mean to live in an ‘ingredient household’?

Did you grow up in an “ingredient household” or a “ready-made household?” The answer says a lot about your eating habits, apparently.

The term “ingredient household” has become a popular way to describe people who grew up in a home with ingredients to make meals instead of prepared meals. The hashtag #ingredienthousehold currently has 46.4 million views on TikTok.

What is an “ingredient household”?

People from “ready-made households” may have had a freezer full of frozen pizzas, while an “ingredient household” would only have flour, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes.

The phrase first appeared in Urban Dictionary on Dec. 23, 2021, defined as a “home that has no ready-to-eat foods or snacks, only the ingredients to make food.”

People began making content around the subject on TikTok in September, and it has since become a major topic of discussion online.

“Saw a TikTok explaining that there’s ‘ingredient households’ and ‘ready made households’ and I’m finally understanding why my partner never thinks we have food when I’m like…’all the things to make it are right here!’” @ziibiing explained on Twitter.

TikToker Riley Leach explained that, in her “ingredient household,” she ate spoonfuls of peanut butter or Nesquik, microwave nachos, croutons, marshmallows and butter on saltines.

“When you want a snack but live in an ‘ingredient household,'” @heyxbean joked in a skit where she reached for an egg as a treat.

When @ceyrudd wanted a snack after scanning the kitchen and only seeing apples, canned foods and tomatoes, she set her sights on the decorative gingerbread house.

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