Does the 'Loki' Season 2 Finale Have a Post-Credits Scene?

loki, tom hiddleston
Does the Loki Finale Have a Post-Credits Scene?Disney
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It feels like a lifetime ago that Marvel Studios announced that Tom Hiddleston would be starring in his own TV series, following the time-traveling adventures of Thor and Avengers villain Loki, and almost as long since the first season began streaming on Disney+. The long-awaited second season has just come to an end, bringing the battle for the Sacred Timeline to a twist-filled, emotional conclusion.

Executive producer Kevin R. Wright has said that "Season 1 and Season 2 were developed and created as kind of two chapters of the same book," so additional seasons of Loki are almost certainly not on the cards. And the Season 2 finale "Glorious Purpose" (the same title as the series premiere, bringing everything full circle) definitely ended on a period, not an ellipsis.

And so we say goodbye to Loki, God of Mischief, and also to Loki, God of Time.

But given how the timeline-fraying multiverse story of Loki is key to setting up the future of the MCU—in particular Avengers: Kang Dynasty —it stands to reason that Season 2 would end on a coda that functions as a viewer segue to the next chapter in the ongoing Marvel saga.

loki, tom hiddleston

Is there a post-credits scene in "Glorious Purpose"?

Quite surprisingly, no. The Loki finale is only the third entry in the main MCU continuity to not include a teaser for future stories, following on from Avengers: Endgame, which instead paid tribute to Iron Man in the audio of its end credits, and this year's Secret Invasion series, which baffled fans by skipping the usual mid-credits stinger.

In the case of Loki, the absence of an epilogue feels much more like a conscious creative decision than it does a missed opportunity. Much like Endgame, this final chapter in the Disney+ series closed the book on a long-running character (Hiddleston has played Loki in various forms since 2011, back when the MCU was in its infancy), and so it is apt that in his last episode, he departs with a sense of finality, rather than a winking promise to return.

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