Does Kim Kardashian's Latest Snapchat Hint at a Feud with Kylie Jenner?

A recent snapchat story has us wondering if Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are feuding.
A recent snapchat story has us wondering if Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are feuding.
Isabel Jones


On Wednesdays we wear pink — but Kim Kardashian? She has more elaborate standards. On Wednesdays (or at least one Wednesday), Kim wears a string bikini and bounces on a trampoline — you know, just your average 37-year-old.

Kardashian and an unidentified and similarly bikini-clad friend celebrated jump — I mean hump day with a short video shared on Kim’s Snapchat. While the whole bikini-trampoline installation is strange in its own right, the weirdest part of it has nothing to do with the social media star’s weekday predilections, but rather the song playing in the background …

Bounce @kimkardashian #kimkardashian

A post shared by Kim Kardashian Snapchats ???? (@kimksnapchats) on Aug 8, 2018 at 7:11pm PDT

Did you catch it? Kim’s listening to “Taste” by Tyga (aka Kylie Jenner’s ex). In the Kar-Jenner universe, nothing happens by chance, so why then would she appear to throw her support behind her lookalike sister’s former beau? I mean, Ky’s current boyfriend just released an album — was it not worthy of Kim’s scantily clad trampoline exploits? Oh, and her own husband happens to be Kanye West — no bounce-happy beats in his oeuvre?

We’re not the only ones stymied by this musical turn of events:

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Here are our theories as to why Kim featured Tyga so prominently in her snap story:

1) She’s feuding with Kylie.

Now that her ongoing fight with Kourtney appears to have reached its end, perhaps she’s looking for a new familial sparring partner?

2) Kris Jenner is attempting to distract us from other tabloid fodder.

Kris: “Kim, play a Tyga song on Snapchat so everyone will stop talking about Kourtney’s breakup.” Stranger things have happened.

3) She and Tyga Remain close.

Perhaps Kim and Tyga established a bond through the years he dated her little sister? They’ve been keeping their friendship under wraps, but Kim just can’t hide it anymore — Tyga’s too large a part of her life, plus she’s 90% sure she inspired the song “Rack City.”

4) She hates Travis Scott.

If it’s not a jab at Kylie, maybe it’s meant as a not-so-subtle dig at Scott, the father of Kim’s 6-month-old niece Stormi.

5) She had no idea “Taste” was a Tyga song.

Let’s be real, not everyone is super familiar with the rapper’s discography ...