What Does Your Favorite Color Say About Your Personality?

what your favorite color says about you
What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?John Scott - Getty Images

Take a moment to ask yourself: Do you have a favorite color?

While this question might be more common for young kids in school, it's still a fun thing to think about. You can probably picture which color is the most predominant in your wardrobe—or even what the color scheme is in your living room or home.

That raises the question: What does your favorite color say about you? "While color preferences may not definitively unveil personality traits, we can gain insight into an individual's expression by deferring to universal archetypes from nature and cultural history to understand a color's meaning," says Innae Julia Kim, MA, ATR-BC, LCAT, Senior Staff Therapist and Assistant Clinical Director at Davenport Creative Arts Therapy, PLLC.

That can explain why many people's favorite color changes over time or even why some people have more than one favorite color. (So, yes, it's okay if you think a green shirt makes your eyes pop out more, but your home walls always happen to be blue! 😂)

Keep reading to learn more about the meaning and history of each color, and the different personality traits associated with each one.

Looking for more? Just wait until you read these other fun facts:


White is found in so many serene natural elements like snow, clouds, the moon, and flowers. It's no wonder Kim says the color represents "purity, goodness, angelic, hope, divinity, innocence, and peace." That also explains why a new bride traditionally wears white in so many cultures. A simplistic color such as white can also mean that those who favor it "may identify with qualities such as cleanliness, minimalism, peace, positivity, elegance, and order."

what the color white says about your personality
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Red is a bold, vibrant color that makes a real statement. As Kim points out, red can be found in ripe fruits and blossomed flowers, "signaling fertility or life." However, it's also the color of someone's cheeks when they're flushed—which can happen when they're feeling flirtatious, shy, or even upset. "This is why the color red is often associated with words like 'passion,' 'romance,' 'anger,' and 'aggression,'" says Kim. All of this to say, those who love the color red "identify with wanting to be seen, attracting attention, boldness, assertiveness, and intensity."

what does red say about your personality
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Purple is truly one of the most remarkable colors! It cannot exist without the mixing of red and blue pigments, which is why it's associated with creativity and magic. "Historically, purple was worn by royalty or nobility to signify luxury, importance, and wealth," Kim says. Similarly, people who are drawn to purple, "identify with characteristics such as sophistication, elegance, poshness, or uniqueness."

what does purple say about your personality
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Say hello to the rarest color of them all! That might hard to believe at first given that blue is associated with things like the sky and the ocean, but Kim points out that "very few organisms carry the chemical compound that can create the true blue pigment." Like the sky and the ocean, blue creates a feeling that is tranquil and soothing. (Though it's also sometimes related to feelings of sadness.) Often perceived as the opposite of red, blue exudes waves of trust and dependability, which is why people who are "attracted to blue may appreciate qualities such as coolness, calmness, and loyalty."

what your favorite color says about your personality blue
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Green hardly needs an introduction as a color—it's all around us! Just take a look outside, and you'll see it in the trees, the grass, and many other plants in the natural world. "Our ancestors knew that a green environment meant life, abundant resources, and health," says Kim, which is why it's "the color of spring, renewal, and re-birth." This fact is what makes green feel new and fresh, which can be associated with prosperity. If you're attracted to green, she adds that you "may identify closely with things of nature, growth, and vitality."

what does the color green say about your personality
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If you're a fan of sunsets, autumn, or campfires, then you probably love the color of orange. But you can also find orange in fruits, vegetables, and even some animals. The color comes from mixing red and yellow—two colors that are already intense on their own. Kim says that "orange tends to be associated with things like vitality, energy, warmth, and comfort." Someone who likes the color orange may be considered "outgoing, warm, fun, inviting and cheerful."

what does orange say about your personality
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The mere mention of yellow is enough to make anyone smile. Having close associations with the sun, it's easy to see why the color is often related to words such as "energetic, happy, warm, cheerful, and bright," Kim explains. In a literal sense, yellow is the color of light from the sun, which illuminates an area in darkness. It's no wonder yellow brings on a hopeful and optimistic feeling. Anyone who takes a strong liking to yellow "may identify with traits such as youthfulness, brightness, positivity, and being noticed."

what does yellow say about your personality
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Did you know that pink is one of the most common colors to appear in nature? Plenty of flowers, fruits, insects, and even birds showcase shades of pink. "The pink in flowers are really used to attract birds and insects, signaling its readiness for pollination," says Kim. Pink is also referred to as a lighter shade of red which is why it can be associated with words like "tenderness," "romance," and "softness." So, if a person loves all things pretty in pink, they exude "love, affection, innocence, femininity, and sweetness."

what does pink say about your personality
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