Doctors Say People Who Add These 2 Things To Their Eggs Struggle To Lose Weight

scrambled eggs
scrambled eggs

Weight loss is a common journey for many individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle, and dietary choices play a significant role in this endeavor. Eggs, renowned for their nutritional value and versatility in the kitchen, are often incorporated into weight loss diets due to their high protein content. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of the ingredients added to eggs, as some combinations can inadvertently hinder weight loss efforts.

We spoke with Dr. Naheed Ali to learn about the two common egg ingredients that can make it harder for you to lose weight. Ali revealed that, unfortunately, heavy cream and bacon bits are the two items to watch out for when making your morning plate of weight-friendly eggs. Read on to learn more.


Heavy Cream

Heavy cream, a rich and indulgent dairy product, is a key ingredient in many delectable dishes, including scrambled and omelet-style eggs. While heavy cream can certainly elevate the flavor and texture of eggs, it's important to note that its high fat content can pose challenges for those striving to lose weight.

Ali states, "while heavy cream can make your scrambled eggs luxuriously rich, it also introduces a significant amount of calories and saturated fats. This, especially when consumed frequently can lead to unwanted weight gain."

Although heavy cream can be a game-changer when it comes to eggs, the additional calories and saturated fat can make your egg dishes more calorie-dense, potentially hindering weight loss efforts.

Bacon Bits

Bacon bits, those crunchy and smoky delights, can add a burst of irresistible flavor to egg dishes. However, while they're undeniably delicious, their high fat and salt content can pose a challenge for individuals striving to lose weight. Combining bacon bits with eggs can lead to calorie-dense and less weight-friendly dishes.

"Bacon bits, on the other hand, while delicious and crunchy, are processed and contain added sodium and preservatives. They too can contribute to weight gain, especially when sprinkled a little too liberally," Ali says. The added calories and saturated fats can make it more difficult to achieve weight loss goals.

The Bottom Line

Fortunately, eggs' versatility allows for a wide range of healthy additions, aside from heavy cream and bacon bits, which can turn them into a more weight-conscious choice.

Ali recommends we replace these two high-calorie and high-fat items with more healthier alternatives such as Greek yogurt and veggies like bell peppers for the crunch.

"Eggs are a fantastic source of protein and nutrients, but when you're looking to keep things on the healthier side, consider alternatives. For creaminess, a dollop of Greek yogurt works like a treat. As for that savory crunch, try some chopped vegetables like bell peppers or even some seeds like flax or chia," he suggests.

To maintain a more health-conscious approach, it's advisable to use bacon bits and heavy cream sparingly or consider substituting them with leaner, lower-calorie alternatives for a more weight-conscious meal.