A Doctor's Intense Viral Video Simulates Being Hospitalized for COVID-19

Photo credit: Tempura - Getty Images
Photo credit: Tempura - Getty Images

From Men's Health

A video made by an ICU doctor provides a glimpse into what patients see inside of COVID treatment centers, something which he hopes will function as incentive to adhere to public health guidelines during the pandemic.

Dr. Ken Remy is a paediatric and adult critical care physician at Washington University Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri, a state where COVID cases are approximately doubling each day. In addition to his role in the ICU, he also runs the university's COVID lab.

"This is what it looks like when you breathe 40 times a minute, have an oxygen level that's dipping well below 80, this is what it's going to look like," he says. "I hope that the last moments of your life don't look like this. Because this is what you'll see at the end of your life if we don't start wearing masks when we're out in public, when we don't practice social distancing, when we don't wash our hands frequently. Because I promise you, this will be what you'll see. This is what your mother, or your father, or your children, when they get COVID, will see at the end of their life. This is serious. I beg you, please practice the precautions to reduce transmission of COVID, so we can effectively prevent disease for you and your loved ones."

Remy recently told CNN that he has treated over 1,000 patients for COVID-19, and that he was motivated to film the video after hearing a number of patients claim that they didn't see the point in wearing masks, or that they were otherwise flouting precautions because they deemed the risk to be so low.

"Many of these patients will die unexpectedly and at the end of the day, as an ICU doctor, I'm the one that's got to call," he said. "I think that, that was weighing on me."

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