Doberman’s Reaction to Dad Not Paying Attention to Him Is Just the Best


If there's one thing that most animals don't like, it's when their humans don't pay attention to them. @suavexavier's Doberman refuses to be ignored, and he was not going to take no for an answer from dad in this funny video shared at the end of October.

Xavier's sitting on the couch watching something funny on his phone. He's enjoying a little 'me time', but the dog felt that enough was enough, and that it was time that dad give him all of his attention!

Talk about no sense of personal space! But really, how could @suavexavier not love it?! The needy Doberman wasted no time letting dad know it was time to get off of his phone and give him some attention, while making himself very comfortable.

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The video went viral and has more than 5 million views and almost 10 thousand comments. People had a lot to say about the gorgeous Doberman. @Meela Jay got more than 21 thousand likes for her comment, "He definitely said get off that phone and love on me!" @Robb Sandy shared, "That's me every morning buddy. Only difference is mine is black lab". @Mama Babbel pointed out, "He says ohh where you busy????!!!! Let me just scooch right in here!"

There's nothing better than getting that kind of love and attention from your pet. At least Xavier was just messing around on his phone and not trying to get any work done - I don't think it would've happened if that had been the case!

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