Do You Live In One Of America’s Self-Proclaimed Sexiest Cities?


San Francisco, Boston and Atlanta are sexy and they know it. (Getty Images)

If you’re looking for the country’s cleanest city, head on over to Prescott, Arizona. For the fittest city, get thee to our nation’s capitol, Washington, DC. Most livable? Try Duluth or Minneapolis, Minnesota. But for the sexiest city, you might want to head west.

According to a survey of 80,000 users on dating site, EliteSingles, San Francisco residents rate themselves higher on a scale of attractiveness than do users in any other U.S. city. (San Francisco: Now known for it’s steep rolling hills, booming tech industry, and total lack of low self-esteem. Maybe it’s something in the fog. Whatever it is, let’s bottle it and give it to teenage girls.)

When survey participants were asked to rate the attractiveness of their own appearance on a scale of 1 to 7, from least to most attractive, Bay Area respondents averaged a response of 5.63 out of 7 — something EliteSingles psychologist Salama Marine told Mashable might be because San Francisco’s “strong identity” and “healthy, laid-back culture, which helps people be themselves and feel self-confident. Or maybe it’s just the good food and weather.“

Southern metropolis Atlanta came in second to the Bay Area in self-proclaimed sexiness among singles, followed by Boston, while coastal juggernauts New York and Los Angeles surprisingly didn’t make the list at all. “Not to take anything away from Atlanta or Boston, but there were big places missing that we would have expected to see in the top 3, or at least the top 10,” EliteSingles spokesperson Charlotte Bridge told Yahoo Health. “I guess users outside of New York and LA were most confident about themselves and their appearances which in itself is very attractive.” (Confirmed: Confidence is a turn on.)

But while New York City as a whole may not have made the list, Brooklyn, the borough known world-wide as a hamlet of hipster style, does appear as number five. (Maybe it’s the beards).

The Top 10 Places to Find America’s Sexiest Singles… According to Themselves:

1. San Francisco
2. Atlanta
3. Boston
4. Charlotte
5. Brooklyn
6. Chicago
7. Dallas
8. Orlando
9. Seattle
10. Tampa


(Graphic courtesy EliteSingles)

Within San Francisco, EliteSingles also analyzed singles by specific neighborhood, and found that Treasure Island, an artificial island in San Francisco Bay, was home to the most self-confident of residents, with an average personal attractiveness rating of 5.73 out of 7 — even higher than San Francisco’s average attractiveness rating as a whole. South Park, a South of Market neighborhood centered on the small, oval-shaped park of the same name, came in second place, while Fillmore followed in third.

But if your city — or neighborhood — didn’t make the top ten, don’t fret: Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. And when that beholder is someone else, the cities that take the attractiveness cake are completely different. (Looking at you, Miami, San Diego, and Charleston.)

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