Above all, Gretchen Carlson is a risk-taker: ‘To not risk is to not love’

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A MAKERS Podcast
A MAKERS Podcast
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Gretchen Carlson isn’t afraid to go after what she deserves. It’s this courage and determination that the former Fox News host views as pivotal to her success, she shares in DNA of a MAKER. Above all though, Carlson, known for her pivotal role in Roger Ailes’ downfall, says that she’s a risk-taker: “To not risk is to not love, not live, not grow, not take chances, never learn. So to risk is to do everything.”

Carlson’s determination plays a role in her current fight to be relieved of her NDA with Fox. Through her work with the nonprofit Lift Our Voices, she’s currently fighting for others to not be forced into staying silent about toxic workplace conditions.

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