DIYer Turns Home Into a Witch's Haven With a Halloween Projector

Shutterstock / Summer_Wind

Halloween brings out the highest levels of fun and expressiveness in DIYers and although it's not my favorite holiday (it's already Christmas in my house 🤷🏼‍♀️), I love watching what my fellow DIYers come up with year after year for spooky season.

DIYer, Liz Rishel, is the latest to go all out for Halloween, transforming her home into a witch's haven. You'll be impressed by her simple yet haunting porch decor but my favorite thing about her home Halloween installation is how she transformed her windows using a projector. The setup provides a 3D visual of a sorceress inside the home gleefully brewing a potion in a cauldron.

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Watch Liz Rishel (@withinthegrove) and her step-by-step process for bewitching her home with easy-to-use tech.

Richel's entire yard and porch are brimming with witches, brooms, steamy cauldrons, cats, spiders, and bats. The Halloween projection elevates the entire witch-themed decor into a truly immersive scene. It's so good and realistic-looking that it may actually ward off the younger trick-or-treaters this year. 👀

Still, I love how easy it is to set up, with the only materials needed being a plastic white sheet, Command strips for wall-friendly application and removal, a projector, a Bluetooth speaker, and your preferred spooky video. Rishel used the "Witching Hour" video collection from Atmos FX but recommends that you pull your favorite spooky videos from YouTube for free. You could also stream your favorite Halloween movie.

And yes, I did just give you full permission to screen Hocus Pocus for the entire neighborhood. It's the 30th anniversary, after all.

Do it for the cauldron, er I mean, the culture.

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