Make a DIY moon bounce using balloons and vacuum seal bags

This parent on TikTok shared an awesome hack for making a DIY moon bounce that involves filling a large space-saving vacuum-sealed bag with latex balloons, and viewers are obsessed!

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TikTok account The Hands-On Family (@handsonfamily) is known for featuring videos of creative crafts, tutorials, and projects for kids. Recently, they shared a tutorial for making a homemade moon bounce using latex balloons in sealed vacuum bags, and viewers love the DIY idea!

The clip opens with a shot of a little boy jumping off a couch and onto a giant vacuum-sealed bag full of colorful latex balloons, before showing a montage of the moon bounce’s inception.

The question “Did you know you can turn balloons into a bouncing bed?” appears over footage of someone blowing up a red balloon.

The balloon occupies the entire frame and the clip transitions to a matching shot of a woman holding a red balloon while sitting amongst numerous inflated colorful balloons.

How Evan Mock manifested his rapid ascent to stardom:

She taps the red balloon up in the air with the palm of her hand, and as it descends, the clip cuts to a shot of a little girl catching the red balloon while standing in front of a jumbo-sized space-saving vacuum bag.

As the little girl is about to place the red balloon inside the bag, the video jump cuts to a completed vacuum-sealed bag that’s full of balloons, before making another jump cut to reveal a stack of three balloon bags.

After laying out the balloon bags, it’s time to get bouncing!

Viewers were bursting with excitement over the DIY balloon moon bounce.

“That’s so cool! My mind is literally blown,” one user joked.

“I need this for myself. I’d have a blast after a cup of wine,” mentioned one TikToker.

“I just bought a box of vacuum bags. Ugh, I may not get stuff done after this video,” one viewer confessed.

Based on viewers’ responses, fun has no age limit!

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