Dive Into the World’s 1st Underwater Oxygen Bar


The Clear Lounge lets guests play underwater using specialized diving helmets. (Photo: Clear Lounge)

If you’ve always wanted to breathe underwater, but scuba diving freaks you out, the Clear Lounge might be the perfect solution. 

Located at Carnival’s Puerta Maya port in Cozumel, Mexico, this underwater oxygen bar is the first of its kind, and allows visitors to breathe underwater using specialized clear diving helmets. The high tech helmets supply an airflow of oxygen mixed with an aromatherapy scent of the diver’s choosing. 

After entering the 13,000 gallon freestanding aquarium, guests can participate in various activities including including jenga, write-on message boards, and target practice with high-powered bubble guns. There’s also a bartender below to guide participants through activities. 

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Who knew you could have this much fun underwater? (Photo: Clear Lounge)

Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that the Clear Lounge also has the world’s first underwater photo booth!

The entire family can experience the Clear Lounge (suitable for ages 8 and up), and the cost starts at $38.

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