Ditch Mitch, waive Wentz, then work some magic at QB | The Fantasy Rush

Jared is in first place in one of his most important leagues. If he wants to stay there, he'll need a new starting quarterback, a pickup to start in his flex spot, and most importantly, advice from his co-host and Yahoo Sports Fantasy Expert Liz Loza. In the third episode of The Fantasy Rush, Loza scours the land for a quarterback with a little magic, finds a few hidden gems on a couple of bad teams, and weighs in on the surprisingly active rivalry between Vin Diesel and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Video Transcript

- Let's go, Buffalo! Let's go, Buffalo! Let's go, Buffalo! Let's go, Buffalo! Let's go, Buffalo!

- The Bills make me want to--

- Shout!

JARED QUAY: 2020, bruh, it is impossible to predict. The Buffalo Bills are 3 and 0. And Josh Allen, yes, Josh Allen is an MVP candidate. But that isn't even the biggest story of the year. Check it. I'm hot in fantasy, baby. All my teams have winning records. Yo, I might win executive of the year.

But here's the thing. In one league, 3 and 0 just ain't good enough. "Campbelly of the Beast" is my family league. And next week, my squad "Quay Back" is going up against my biggest rival, my big brother and Ravens' defensive lineman Calais Campbell.

Now, I might be 3 and 0, but it is not pretty. I got a couple of struggling quarterbacks on my roster, and so many injuries I can barely start a full team. If I want to beat Calais, I'm gonna have to make some adjustments. But I'm also in first.

So for "Quay Back," how much change is too much? That's what I would like to know. And fortunately, I know just who to ask-- my co-host and Yahoo Fantasy Football expert, Liz Loza.

LIZ LOZA: We've all managed a team like Jared's-- one that finds its way to the playoffs despite accruing the least points in the league. But at some point, everybody's luck runs out.

JARED QUAY: That's when my skill usually takes over.

LIZ LOZA: Well, until that happens, here are some pick-ups to keep you in first. Jared got this far with Mitch Trubisky at the helm. And while 3 and 0 is nothing to sneeze at, the Trubisky train sadly ends here.

JARED QUAY: Whew, I'm kind of relieved to be honest.

LIZ LOZA: In week 3 the Chicago quarterback gave way to Nick Foles, who promptly rallied his team for the improbable win, more on that later, and likely secured himself another start. If you ask me--

JARED QUAY: And I did.

LIZ LOZA: --you need a different quarterback.

JARED QUAY: Good news! I already got one.

LIZ LOZA: Bad news! It's Carson Wentz. Don't get me wrong, he's in a better spot than the artist formerly known as Mr. Biscuit. But that's a pretty low bar. Instead, I recommend injecting a little magic into your team. Ryan Fitzpatrick was a cool 18 for 20 on Thursday night, proving at least for a week that the beard is mightier than the stash.

JARED QUAY: Oh, Liz, that's true every week.

LIZ LOZA: Plus, he has an intriguing match-up coming up in a week against Seattle. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't your franchise QB, but he might be able to get you over the hump in a tough week.

Sometimes the best bargains in fantasy are on the worst teams in the NFL. Check out Justin Jefferson. Minnesota is 0 and 3. But Jefferson caught 7 balls for 175 yards. Now, obviously everyone and their mother is gonna put in a claim on him.

JARED QUAY: And I'm, like, 10th in waivers.

LIZ LOZA: So you might need to dig a little deeper. In which case I suggest Falcons' running back, Brian Hill. In week 3, he had same number of targets and catches as Todd Gurley, but with 20 more yards to show for it.

JARED QUAY: I had no idea.

LIZ LOZA: Of course you didn't. Because the Falcons were busy blowing a game they had a 98% chance of winning.

JARED QUAY: For the second week in a row.

LIZ LOZA: An accomplishment so spectacular there should really be a "30 for 30" about it. Plus, do you really think Todd Gurley is gonna stay healthy all year?

JARED QUAY: Hell no.

LIZ LOZA: Then you know what to do. Some rivalries sputter as they age. Like, did anyone really care about the beef Gretchen had with Vicki after she and Slade left the Real Housewives of Orange County?

JARED QUAY: I sure didn't.

LIZ LOZA: Some just get weirder, like the feud between the Rock and Vin Diesel. You might have missed it. But last week was big for both gentlemen. Mr. Johnson broke down the stick to sports barrier by giving 45 the "People's Elbow" and officially endorsing Joe Biden. And yet improbably, out of nowhere, Vin Diesel found a way to overshadow his frenemy with this. Hit it, Greg.


(SINGING) I don't know you. But it feels like I do.

JARED QUAY: What is this?

LIZ LOZA: It's music.

JARED QUAY: No, it's not.

LIZ LOZA: Jared, you live in a world where Vin Diesel dropped a track. You're now hearing "Feel like I Do." And its release is the single most important thing that happened this week.

JARED QUAY: Well, that's not true.

LIZ LOZA: In 50 years, no one will remember who the Rock voted for in 2020. But comedians will still be making fun of this song.


(SINGING) I don't know you. But it feels like I do.