These Disney World-Inspired Candles Have Hidden Pins Inside of Them and Are Topped With Pixie Dust

Kelly Allen
Photo credit: @lil_bean314/TikTok
Photo credit: @lil_bean314/TikTok

From House Beautiful

A fresh candle is thrilling all on its own, but did you know candles with hidden treasures in them exist? Better yet, you can get candles that are Disney World–inspired and come with a mystery pin inside of them.

Wishes Candle Co. sells 8-ounce candles with wrapped up pins hidden inside of the wax. Once the candle burns down far enough, you can pull out it out and see what you got. Each candle is topped with glitter and made of all natural soy wax from beans grown in the United States. You can choose from a whole range of scents including Bag of Beignets, Briar Rose, Down the Boardwalk, Life’s Bare Necessities, and more. The fragrances are non-toxic, and each wick is lead- and zinc-free. Plus, you can recycle or reuse the jars the candles come in. You can buy them on the company's website for $19.

The TikTok user @lil_bean314 shared videos showcasing these candles, and the first one centered on the Pineapple Swirl candle that’s inspired by Disney’s famous Dole Whip. In that candle, she got a red and white pin with Mickey Mouse and the words “The Walt Disney Family Museum” on it. To prevent wax from getting all over the pin, it comes in a bag wrapped in foil.

Both Disney fans and candle lovers need to get ahold of at least one of these creations that double as atmosphere enhancers and surprises. They're impossible to resist!

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