Disney Wants to Make Your Pet Famous This Halloween


We know you love Disney, but how much does your pet love Disney? (Photo: Disney)

Out of all of your family members, the family dog may be the least likely to cheer a trip to Disney World.

A magical family vacation usually means that Fido will be left by his lonesome back at home. Sad ruff!

But now your furry companion has a reason to get into the Disney spirit (or at least you can imagine he does).

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Animal Planet’s show “America’s Cutest” is looking for pet owners and their furry friends to “Show Their Disney Side” for its Howl-O-Ween Pet-acular.

Come on, pet owners! It’s time to get creative. You could dress your dog as a jungle cruise skipper or one of the seven dwarfs working on the mine train. He could be a Space Mountain astronaut or any of your favorite Disney characters. Is your cat a little wily? (Aren’t all cats a little wily?) How about you turn him into a Cheshire cat for the day?

To enter, you need to make a video of your pet showing some Disney swagger. Find out more about the video requirements here.

Hurry up! Aug. 15 is the deadline for video submissions.

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