Disney Shared A Video Of The 'Ratatouille' Ride In Disneyland Paris And It Got Us Excited For The One Coming To Epcot

Kristin Salaky
Photo credit: Disney Parks
Photo credit: Disney Parks

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We've all been patiently waiting on more news about Disney's Ratatouille ride set to hit Epcot soon, and while I don't have any news about that today, Disney DID drop us Remy fans a little crumb this week by sharing an adorable video exploring its current Ratatouille ride.

Disney, for those who don't know, has a ride in Disneyland Paris called Ratatouille: The Adventure, which puts riders inside little rat-shaped cars, "shrinks" them to be chef Remy's size and sends them on an adventure through Gusteau’s restaurant. While you can certainly find some blurry ride-alongs of this attraction on YouTube already, this one is obviously crystal clear and totally Disney approved.

The video doesn't exactly take you through the whole ride start to finish, so no worries on spoilers, but it does give you a bit more of what we might expect from the Epcot ride (it's not clear if they'll be exactly the same but the cars look very similar!). Disney's video also gives you plenty of interesting tidbits about this ride, including the fact that Pixar animators made all of the videos for the ride, and that in the "refrigerator" section, you'll see things like a nearly 25-foot-tall fish and a one-ton ham.

Sure, it's not the same as the great feeling you'll have when you're finally able to ride along with Remy for yourself, but this video is sure to get you even more excited about the day when you finally can...plus you can feel really superior when you tell all your friends how it it's similar and different from Disneyland Paris's ride. How cool are you!

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