Disney Is Selling A ‘Hocus Pocus’ Mug With A Broomstick Spoon

Valerie Williams

Leave it to Disney to bring us the “Hocus Pocus” merchandise we crave

Since 2020 has been one long, unending tire fire so far, I vote that we skip the next several weeks and go straight to Halloween season. PSLs, costumes, mums, spooky decor, and our favorite Halloween-themed movie playing on repeat — Hocus Pocus.

That means we could probably use some appropriately on-theme merch to enjoy this timeless classic for yet another year, and boy have we got a good one. Disney is selling a Hocus Pocus mug with a broomstick spoon and literally, what better to drink our autumn beverages from?

“Stir up trouble with the ceramic spoon styled to look like wood, or just boil and bubble your favorite witches brew in our cauldron-shaped mug celebrating the magic of Disney’s 1993 film Hocus Pocus, with iridescent finish and gold lettering,” the mug’s description reads. It’s literally adorable and not remotely tacky, as some merch from kids’ movies tends to be. I would actually display this mug if I had Joanna Gaines-style open shelving in my kitchen, but that’s another story for another day.

Is anyone else picturing themselves stirring almond milk (or whatever you use) into their coffee while muttering about it being a dead man’s toe? Just me? Fine. At the very least I think we can all agree that it will be hilarious to quietly stir coffee with a little broomstick spoon while pretending the mug is an actual cauldron and that we can cast our own spells. Like one to make the kids stop yelling about their Fork-knife game or to get your husband to stop taking 45-minute dumps while you struggle to do all the morning things.

Let’s also remember that the stars of the iconic film have all said they’d love to be involved in the (hopefully upcoming) sequel.

Sarah Jessica Parker said on a podcast appearance earlier this year that they’re all very much on board. “I think now we’ve gotten to the point where we all, like, agreed publicly to the right people, [saying], ‘Yes! That would be a very, very fun idea.’ So, we’ll see. We’ll see what the future holds.”

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Look. Is it still July? Yes. Has 2020 been one unending streak of awfulness that we just want to end? 100 percent. That’s why I vote to hurry this year along — to get to the good parts, including Halloween, the election, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We might be mid-pandemic, but we still need a little cheer and who better to bring it than Winifred, Sarah, and Mary?

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