Disney Is Selling A Boozy Dole Whip Float Filled With Coconut Rum And Popping Candy

Kristin Salaky
·2 mins read
Photo credit: DisneyFoodBlog - Instagram
Photo credit: DisneyFoodBlog - Instagram

From Delish

Of all the Disney treats out there, there is perhaps none more versatile, more universally beloved, and more just plain delicious than the Dole Whip. And though we love it in all of its many, many iterations and flavors, we can't help but think this new Dole Whip Float may be one of the best ever.

Disney Food Blog posted about The Firecracker Float this week and it sounds and looks like an instant vacation. The new Dole Whip float contains classic Dole Whip pineapple soft serve, coconut rum, and tropical juices with popping candy and the result is a bright blue and boozy treat. Thankfully it seems to taste as good as it sounds, according to the DFB review, where they called it sweet, but very good!

This innovative new Dole Whip float can be found at the Pineapple Lanai at the Polynesian Village Resort. Though the resort as a whole won't be reopening until next year, some of its bungalows, villas, and restaurants are currently open, including this little spot. DFB's full post explains how to get to Pineapple Lanai and pick up this little slice of heaven for $13.

The blog also posted a look at the park's new fall Dole Whip Float called the Headless Horseman Rides Again. It's made with Strawberry Dole Whip, Fanta Strawberry, and a Headless Horseman straw and you can find it at the Sunshine Tree Terrace for $10.69. This one didn't get quite the same rave reviews, but it's still definitely worth a try, especially if you like the taste of berry candy. As we said, you really can't go wrong when it comes to a Dole Whip, so grab your spoons and dig in!

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