Disney has finally decided it's okay to spoil that Mandalorian finale with a new special

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Disney Gallery
Disney Gallery

It’s been seven months since the second season finale of The Mandalorian came out on Disney+, and while everyone agreed to respect the concerns of the spoiler-phobic at the time, Disney has announced a new Disney Gallery behind-the-scenes special that will reveal all of the secrets of Din Djarin’s climactic confrontation with Moff Gideon and his Dark Troopers—not to mention the eventual fate of little Grogu, whose magic blood hopefully has nothing to do with The Rise Of Skywalker.

So, if Disney is ready to finally talk about what happened in that Mandalorian finale, that means we can also talk about it. In that case: Luke freakin’ Skywalker showed up! How cool was that?! Mando and his friends were on the ropes, the Dark Forces robots were ready to break down the door to get little Grogu, and then what happened? A single X-Wing flew past the window and a single Jedi got out to save the day. He had a green lightsaber, he had a single black glove, and he cut through robots like they were trash. Then, when he met up with Baby Yoda, he removed his hood to reveal… a young version of Mark Hamill (created by reasonably realistic CG magic). It was rad and reasonably realistic.

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Radness aside, the timing of this is bizarre. Disney’s press release is kind of hanging it on the Emmy nominations that The Mandalorian got this morning, but it’s still weird to just now get around to talking about how the finale was made. It’s been seven months! Oh, actually, Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian—Making Of The Season 2 Finale won’t air until August 25, so by then it will have been over eight months since the episode aired. The press release says it will focus on the technology used to make the Luke Skywalker thing happen, and it will feature insights into “working with Mark Hamill” and “the immense pressure and responsibility” the show’s crew felt when making the episode.