Disney Fans NEED This 'Hocus Pocus' Lego Set In Their Life This Halloween

hocus pocus lego set
This 'Hocus Pocus' Lego Set Is an Enchanting Gift

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Yes, it's technically still summer, but that's not stopping us from watching our favorite Halloween movies and decking out our home in Halloween and fall decor. One of our favorite movies to rewatch this time of year? Hocus Pocus! And this Lego set of the Sanderson sisters' cottage has put a spell on us already.

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Ideas Disney 'Hocus Pocus': The Sanderson Sisters' Cottage



Fans of the Disney classic know that the cottage is where the Sanderson sisters come back to life after being hanged 300 years prior, thanks to local high schooler Max Dennison lighting the Black Flame Candle that resides within the house (though the cottage is functioning as a museum at this point). Housing over 2,300 pieces to help you construct the cottage and the graveyard, this Lego set allows you to recreate some iconic moments from the movie. It comes with six figurines, including all three Sanderson sisters, of course, Thackery Binx as a black cat, Max and Dani Dennison, and Allison Watts. Honestly, we'd get this set for the characters alone. Mary Sanderson even comes with the vacuum she uses in place of a broomstick!

hocus pocus lego set characters

Lego really went in with the details on this Hocus Pocus set, making it such a fun gift for fans. It has a tiny version of the Sanderson sisters' one-eyed spell book that you can open; it has a sign for The Sanderson Witch Museum; and it has a bubbling cauldron for the sisters to brew up a potion in. The house itself is pretty interactive, too, allowing you to open up the roof to access the inside. Plus, you can make pink smoke appear out of the chimney when you move the wheel on the side of the house!

Whether you want to gift this to a fellow fan, place it as decor in your home, or play with it with your kids (or by yourself, no judgment here), this Lego Sanderson sisters' cottage set has us more than ready for Halloween — and binging Halloween movies!

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