We Need to Discuss Christine’s Super-Rich Husband on ‘Selling Sunset’ and How He Retired at 41

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Congrats to whoever’s in charge of 2020’s simulation, because Christine Quinn is literally the only thing you’ve gotten right. Selling Sunset’s resident “villain” is actually the hero reality TV deserves, and based on her one-liners *alone*, she deserves to be worshipped. Which brings us to Christine’s husband, Christian Richard, who she casually introduced as her fiancé on Selling Sunset season 3 after, like, mere weeks of dating.

Christine expected everyone, including me, to just accept Christian into their lives without asking any questions, but whomst is this man, why is he so rich, how did he retire in his 30s, and where can I find his twin? These are the questions we’ll be going through presently.

First of All, They’re Still Together

These two got married last December in a wedding that was best described as scary/inspiring. Like, this tweet gives you all the info you need:

As does this photo of their cake. There’s a f*cking gargoyle on it.

Anyway, Christine and Christian are still going strong, and she recently told People, “We’re doing great. We’re best friends. It’s awesome. I just wish we could travel, obviously, but that’s okay. I’ve been cooking. I’ve turned this ho into a housewife, and I’m Martha Stewart-ing, every night, making homemade pasta and doing the stuff I never had the time to do before. It’s actually really great. I do enjoy it.”

They Met Through Christine’s Other Friend

She told the story to Refinery29, saying, “My girlfriend went on a date with him and she’s like, ‘Hey, I went on a date with this guy who I really don’t like. I know you’re single, you may want to go out with him.’ So I went on a date with him after she did.”

Wow, WTF are my friends even doing?

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What Does He Even, Like…DO?

Christine already said that “Christian is big in the tech world” and that “he’s a software engineer and has worked for multiple companies.” She also told Women’s Health that he helped create the first online food delivery business, so I automatically love him. But, like…I’m gonna need more info because he’s already retired at 41. Info like his net worth, which Cinemaholic claims is $20 million (although this is purely speculation).

Either way, Christian is rich enough to use a private jet and buy a $5 million house, sooo.

He Didn’t Want to Be on Selling Sunset

Christine told Refinery29 that she convinced her man to appear on the show after they finished traveling post-engagement:

“After we got back to L.A. [after traveling], we got picked up for another season and I asked him, ‘Do you want to be on it?’ He said, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so not me.’ He’s really, really shy but decided to do it for me. He’s on the show quite a bit, and bless his heart, he tries, but [filming] is a really awkward thing. It’s not organic in any way. It’s not reality in any way.”

Awww, Christian, you’re doing amazing, sweetie! Can’t wait to see this dude on season 4 if Netflix BOTHERS to renew it.

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