This discount retail store is almost too good to be true

If you think the prices at Costco are unbelievably low, then Crazy Cazboy’s is going to blow your mind. Described by founder John Cassimus as a “large liquidation company,” Crazy Cazboy’s buys truckloads of products from big box retailers like Target, Amazon and Best Buy and sells the items at a steep discount. The products are unloaded into bins and the customers sift through until they find what they want or need. In order to shop at Crazy Cazboy’s, you need a yearly membership, which only costs $15. The items are priced based on the day of the week: Everything on Friday costs $7, on Saturday it’s $5, then $3, then $2, then $1 and then finally just 25 cents. All of the stores are closed on Thursdays. Recently, a video of Crazy Cazboy’s uploaded by user @stefanicolvin went viral on TikTok with 1.1 million likes and 6.5 million views. “People find Apple Watches, AirPods and stuff like that all the time,” she added in the comments. The store currently only has locations in Alabama, Florida and South Carolina