Disabled Pig Saved by Sanctuary in the Nick of Time Is Touching People’s Hearts


So many animals, especially farm animals, often end up in animal sanctuaries due to being rescued from slaughterhouses, labs, or other unlivable conditions.

The rescue piggy Fancy is one of those animals that is safe and sound now and thriving, as its new owner at Ziggy's Refuge reported in this video, posted on November 13. Let's check it out!

Aw, look at this precious baby!

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In many cases, sanctuaries play a crucial role in rescuing animals in need, including disabled pigs. These sanctuaries provide a safe and caring environment for animals that have faced neglect, abuse, or health issues.

Fancy's destiny was to be killed and to end up on someone's plate, but fate had different plans for little Fancy, and now this little piggy can sleep peacefully between pillows and a blanket and forage freely in nature.

Sanctuaries commit to providing lifelong care for the animals they rescue. Since pigs can live for many years, sanctuaries ensure they have a safe and loving environment for the remainder of their lives.

Unfortunately, Fancy is loaded with parasites and pig lice, aside from her disability, which will require a lot of tender, loving care.

However, over time, with proper care and attention, disabled animals, just like Fancy, can thrive in a sanctuary setting, which she already is.

These stories of pig rescue not only highlight the resilience and capacity for joy in these intelligent animals but also serve as a powerful reminder of the ethical considerations surrounding their treatment in various industries.

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