Dirty Shirleys are taking over TikTok

The classic Shirley Temple is all grown up and quickly becoming this summer’s hottest cocktail. The original mocktail, a classic Shirley Temple features a blend of ginger ale and grenadine with a few maraschino cherries thrown in the mix. Dirty Shirleys are making a splash all over bars and “DrinkTok,” such as from chef and TikToker Teon (@newportrifoodie). Like Teon’s other cocktail recipe videos, this Dirty Shirley tutorial features a festive and distinct aesthetic. In the clip, Teon begins making the Dirty Shirley by pouring vodka, maraschino cherry liqueur, grenadine and lime juice into an elegant glass cocktail shaker. the double-spiked Dirty Shirley from TikTok account Sippin with Serens (@sippinwithserens) ups the ante on the cocktail . The Cranberry Dirty Shirley from TikTok account Good People, Bad TV (@goodpeoplebadtv) features a homemade “cran-adine” . If you’re looking for a new twist on an old favorite, a Dirty Shirley is definitely worth a try

Video Transcript