Dirt Biker Illegally Rides Down Steep Ski Jump

Dirt bikes and snow sports don't typically mix well together.

It's in the name: dirt bike. Not snow bike.

But that didn't stop BMX rider and YouTuber OlaBMX from teeing up the landing zone of a ski jump on a dirtbike.

Check out the cross-sport shenanigans below.

It might be hard to tell from this video, but the landings of ski jumps are incredibly steep, meaning this stunt is harder than it looks. Taking a dirt bike on a ski jump is not allowed in most cases.

Although part of me suspects that some of you readers might be feeling a little let down right now. I bet you read "dirt bike" and "ski jump" and immediately thought, "Oh yeah! I'm about to watch a video of someone flying off a ski jump on a dirtbike."

That, as you know by now, was not so. And for good reason. Airing a ski jump on a dirt bike is incredibly ill-advised. Maybe some of the Nitro Circus guys could do it?

Still, I recognize that you could be searching for something to get the blood pumping a little faster, preferably involving ski jumps.

If so, you're in luck.

This video from Sammy Carlson, which I rediscovered earlier this week, might be the gnarliest ski-jumping stunt I've ever seen. In it, Carlson breaks out the park skis and hits an enormous ski jump backward.

The first video linked in this article was an appetizer, but this clip of Carlson is a full-course meal.

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