Cracked your phone screen? Inbox loaded with ads? Yahoo Plus makes managing your digital life easier

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Overwhelemed with your digital life?  (Photo: Getty)
Overwhelmed with your digital life? (Photo: Getty) (FamVeld via Getty Images)

Between coping with cracked phone screens and ads popping up whenever you check your email to figuring out the best ways to manage your financial portfolio and even your fantasy sports team, dealing with your digital life can feel overwhelming at times. That's why we created Yahoo Plus — individual subscriptions that make it easier to seamlessly manage your entire digital life.

With a robust portfolio that includes:Yahoo Mail Plus, Yahoo Finance Plus (Yahoo Finance Plus Essential + Yahoo Finance Plus Lite), Yahoo Fantasy Plus, Yahoo Plus Protect Home, and Yahoo Plus Protect Mobile, Yahoo Plus gives you access to tips and tools to help you take control of and better manage your inbox, mobile issues, finances and more. Here are some ways that Yahoo Plus can help make your digital life run more smoothly — especially with these top 4 common headaches:

#1 You cracked the front of your phone screen — again

Cracked the front of your smartphone screen? Protect yourself. (Photo: Getty)
Cracked the front of your smartphone screen? Protect yourself. (Photo: Getty) (Diy13 via Getty Images)

Chances are, you spent a pretty penny on your smartphone. But inevitably, you accidentally drop your phone and crack your screen. If your manufacturer's warranty is limited or has run out, you can spend a small fortune repairing that front cracked screen. Or you can opt for Yahoo Plus Protect Mobile, which has access to one of the largest repair networks in the U.S. to get your front cracked screen fixed, whether it’s a brand new smartphone or a device you already owned. You can also get extended warranty protection to fix a slew of other common mobile phone defects, including frozen screens, phones that won't turn on, charging or headphone port issues, speaker or camera issues, battery malfunctions, and more.

If you’re more concerned about protecting the other electronic devices in your household, Yahoo Plus Protect Home has you covered. You can get extended warranty protection for just about any device in your home, including eligible laptops, tablets, TVs, and even gaming systems. Since problems with your laptop don’t only happen during normal business hours, you’ll also have access to 24/7 U.S.-based phone support.

Shop It: Try Yahoo Plus Protect Home for $15 per month or Yahoo Plus Protect Mobile for $5 per month

*Exclusions apply. See Terms and Conditions for details: Yahoo Plus Protect Home; Yahoo Plus Protect Mobile.

#2 Too many ads are popping up when you check your email

Tired of ads on your email? Try Yahoo Mail Plus. (Photo:Getty)
Tired of ads on your email? Try Yahoo Mail Plus. (Photo:Getty) (alexsl via Getty Images)

When you’re trying to check your email, the last thing you want is to get inundated with ads. The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way. Yahoo Mail Plus offers an ad-free email experience, making those distractions a thing of the past. It also helps you stay on top of your ever-growing inbox.

Here’s how: If you’ve ever forgotten to follow-up on an important email from your boss or a family member, Yahoo Mail Plus has you covered thanks to reply reminders, which gently nudge you to respond. You can also auto-forward emails to your primary address so all of your emails come into one central provider.

Shop It: Try Yahoo Mail Plus free for 14 days. After that, it's just $5 per month on desktop and mobile or $1.99 per month on mobile only

#3 You need help managing fantasy sports

Are you ready to optimize all of your fantasy sports teams?  (Photo:Getty)
Are you ready to optimize all of your fantasy sports teams? (Photo:Getty) (spxChrome via Getty Images)

Whether you’re an avid fan of fantasy football, basketball, baseball or hockey, fantasy sports are more popular than ever. In fact, nearly 46 million Americans play fantasy sports, according to 2019 data from Statistica. NFL fans in particular participate in the past-time the most, according to YouGov’s latest data, followed by NBA, MLB, and NHL fans. But it’s frustrating when your carefully chosen team keeps losing.

With baseball season kicking off April 1, you may be looking for tips on how to create and manage a league-winning fantasy sports team, as well as connect with other fans, cultivating those deeper connections within the fantasy sports community. Your best bet? Yahoo Fantasy Plus, which hits it out of the park, making it easy to build and manage fantasy teams — even if it’s your first time playing.

Shop it: Try Yahoo Fantasy Plus for 7 days free — and then a special introductory price of just $8 per year

You’ll be able to access trade insights, as well as check out advanced stats. You can also tap into the research assistant feature, which lets you compare players side-by-side to help you decide who to start or sit, add or drop, or trade. There are also optimal lineup suggestions to help ensure the best players are in your starting lineup. You can try it out with a 7-day free trial, which, for a limited time, comes with $5 worth of reward points you can use to enter paid contests on Yahoo Daily Fantasy.

#4 You want to take better control of your financial portfolio but don’t know where to start

Are you doing enough to optimize your financial portfolio? (Photo: Getty)
Are you doing enough to optimize your financial portfolio? (Photo: Getty) (Rafe Swan via Getty Images)

Looking to boost your financial confidence and improve your portfolio? There’s no need to figure it all out on your own. With Yahoo Finance Plus, you’ll have access to expert analysis and tools to help you navigate the markets, improve your trading strategy, and create a well-balanced portfolio. You’ll get daily trade ideas that are based on your own interests, along with fair value analysis for stocks to arm yourself with information before investing. In addition, portfolio analytics monitor your portfolio’s diversification, risk profile, and more, making it easy to see whether your assets are well balanced.

Yahoo Finance Plus offers two tiers — Lite and Essential. With Lite, you’ll get access to portfolio analytics, investment ideas, charting and fair value analysis for stocks. With Essential, you get everything included in the Lite package along with model portfolios, dashboard access, a market digest newsletter, 15 years of company financials and statistics, and more. Best of all, you can try it all out for free for 14 days.

Try Yahoo Finance Plus free for 14 days. After that, get Yahoo Finance Plus Lite for $25 per month and Yahoo Finance Plus Essential for $35 per month

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