DiGiorno Is Dropping a Pizza Topped With Both Pineapple and Pickle in an Effort to Enrage the Entire Internet

Which side are you on?

If you thought ordering pineapple on your pizza was divisive, just wait until you hear what DiGiorno is cooking up next.

Following the viral success of #PicklePizza, a hashtag that has more than 16 million views on TikTok to date, the fine folks at DiGiorno thought it would be a good idea to bring that creation to life. But, rather than just present a pizza that would surely enrage people who think pickles have no business being on a pizza, the brand is splitting this pizza 50-50, topping the opposite side with pineapple because, sure, let’s make everyone mad while we’re at it.

According to a statement provided to Food & Wine, the pizza is made with “a hand-tossed crust, creamy garlic sauce, and mozzarella cheese,” plus those all-important toppings. While we’d love to say we all get to try it, we can’t. Because DiGiorno knows this is just too explosive for a true mass-market release.

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Instead, DiGiorno will give people the chance to snag one frozen pizza for free at shopdigiorno.goodnes.com via weekly drops. But please note that the website will not go live until September 5, so bookmark the URL for future use.

The pies will be limited to one per person, only available while supplies last, and shipping will only be available within the United States. We are very sure these pickle and pineapple frozen pizzas will go quickly.

<p>Courtesy of Digiorno Pizza</p>

Courtesy of Digiorno Pizza

If you’re someone who absolutely loves this pizza topping combination (like we do), you can score some pineapple pickle pizza merch along with the pies. That includes genuinely snazzy bucket hats, shirts, and, of course, pickleball paddles.

Somehow, this isn’t the only wild creation to come out of DiGiorno’s headquarters of late. In 2022, the brand released Eggs Benedict Inspired, Sausage & Gravy, and Cinnamon Roll breakfast pizzas, and in July, they dropped the news that pizza vending machines will dispense fully cooked DiGiorno pizzas at places like Walmart and on college campuses around the country soon. However, you’ll have to BYOP (bring your own pickles) for this one.

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