Dierks Bentley's New Side Hustle Is As Daughter Evie's Drivers Ed Teacher

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There are a lot of milestones to mark in parenting—first tooth, first birthday, first day of school. While many milestones of growing up are photo-worthy and adorable, some are downright terrifying. For example, the first time your kid gets behind the wheel of a car to practice driving. Country superstar Dierks Bentley just had that experience with his 15-year-old daughter and shared a video that documented the apparently alarming occasion.

Parents who have been in Bentley’s position before will undoubtedly relate to the look of abject horror he has on his face as his daughter repeats, “Gas, brake, gas, brake” trying to keep the two pedals straight before taking off in the car. “Where’s my brake?!” Bentley asks from the passenger seat in the video shared on social media.

The  "Beers on Me" singer seems to resign himself to his fate and instructs his daughter to put the car into drive and slowly pulls out into the street. Evie giggles in excitement as she begins to drive. You can hear hints of nerves as Dad repeats "OKAY," several times.

"This is so cool," Evie says with pure glee in her voice.

"Yeah, it's really cool," Bentley deadpans into the camera.

It’s good that Bentley is getting practice teaching driver’s ed because he has two more kids waiting in the wings. He should be well versed in teaching the rules of the road when his 13-year-old daughter Jordan, and 10-year-old son Knox are ready to take their turn behind the wheel.

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